Wheely Bug: One of the Best Gifts for Kids Age 2-5

I’m a Wheely Bug junkie! If any of my friends ask me for a great gift idea for little kids, this is at the top of my list. I seriously think it’s one of the BEST gifts you can give a child age 2-5. If you’re still trying to find that hip, fun, lasting Christmas gift, you’ve found it! Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug – Bug – Large

Last year, I even wrote an ode to Wheely Bug on MommyQ. Yes, I’m that obsessed. And so are my kids. Our Wheely Bug is a constant source of fun and learning. I say learning because it really helps toddlers develop motor skills and balance.

The Bee and the Lady Bug are cute, but you just can’t beat the Cow. There’s something about those little wooden horns that makes you grin. Make sure you buy the large Wheely Bug. Your children will outgrow the small one way too quickly. Even if your kiddos are little, buy the big bug because they will grow into it in a flash.

Droolicious: Cool Things for Baby

Sorry it’s been a little while between posts. MommyQ and DaddyQ took a much-needed vacation before the Back-To-School season officially begins. Good friends, great food, lots of laughs and meaningful moments. In other words, perfection.

As some of my readers may know, I also write for Babble’s unique blog about baby products, Droolicious. Yes, the team at Drool is always seeking out the most fabulous baby items in town. If you haven’t been, take a few minutes to visit. You will love it! Here are a few things to whet your shopping whistle…


If this Denim Military Jacket doesn’t make you want to grab a glittery, white glove… Oh, yes! Toddlers and preschoolers (and their folks) are grabbing up this iconic jacket like crazy! Check it out here!

magnetic-kitchen-bottlesSweet & sour wooden condiments for your little chef! Yes, thanks to Melissa & Doug pretend kitchen food just gets cuter and safer. Check it out here!

simple-stencilI’m so impressed with this cool idea, the Simple Stencil. It allows you to create one-of-a-kind stencils for any room and the utensils make it easy peasy. Find out how you can stencil like a pro!


It’s amazing how cute babies look with a set of animal ears! I know, I know. Hard to resist this soft, cuddly, sweet goody! If you want to grab this coat, I suggest buying it sooner rather than later. It will certainly sell out by the end of Fall. Happy shopping!

Pretend Food: Better Than The Real Thing

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I’m nutty for pretend food. Maybe it’s from my childhood or maybe it’s just because fake food is so freakin’ cute. Either way, no matter the reason, pretend food rocks.

Wanna hear something funny? When I was little, my sister and I played with Barbies constantly. I never cared for the bad fake Barbie food, so my sister and I would create Barbie-sized portions out of Play-Doh. We made pizzas, hamburgers, sunny-side-up eggs, donuts, popsicles, etc. We would spend an evening planning Barbies’ meals. We would let the Play-Doh food dry out and harden. It was great!

So here’s my new favorite pretend food. Ice cream and sweets.


This is from Melissa & Doug and you can find it at The Land of Nod. They also have a Cookie Set that’s pretty cute.


These are just divine! Find Fabric Dainty Treats at The Land of Nod too.

cupcakekitA cupcake kit complete with a hat and chicken timer. Is this fun or what? Yes, TLON. So much fake food, so little time!

Pirate Ship for Toddlers, Ahoy!

This ship may have set sail last year, but it’s still a wonderful toy for youngsters. Thanks to chunky wooden pirates that are easy to grasp and the perfectly sized playset, the Play Town Pirate Ship is a favorite with little kiddos. The working anchor, spinning wheel, cannonball launcher and telescope are interactive, yet no small pieces to keep up with or worry about. It also comes with a cute board book as an added bonus. The ship is on wheels so it can scoot without waves. A few left at Amazon.