Adorn Home & Body

Adorn l Home & Body in Lakeway: Boutique Brimming with Great Finds

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It’s time to gush! Last year, I received a gift card to Adorn Home & Body for my birthday and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since. The store itself is beautiful. The fab owners, Brent & Kim Charlet, have a talent for not only picking out adorable merchandise, but also creating a wonderful shopping experience. The store boasts the perfect mixture of clothes, accessories and unique home decor items.

I’ve bought a bunch of dresses from Adorn, because they are stylish and functional. If I throw on heels and statement jewelry, I can dress the outfit up for a night out, or I can wear wedge sandals and hoop earrings for a daytime look. When items go on sale, it’s impossible not to take advantage of the extra savings. Adorn sells a beautiful selection of jewelry; many lines made by local artists like Kendra Scott. While some of the jewelry is more expensive, like Seasonal Whispers bracelets, many pieces LOOK expensive, but they’re reasonably priced which makes them perfect for gifts.

As far as gifts and home decor items, Adorn has so many great items to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. From smaller trinkets for the home to architectural salvage pieces, these unique treasure are everywhere. You should se the amazing wood dining table and upholstered chairs on sale right now for 40% off.

They’re putting new clothes and merchandise out every day, so stop by soon! Kim & Brent just got back from market, so the new fall items are on their way. The store is in Lakeway near the PJ Shop.

Why You Will Be Wearing Leg Warmers

If you’re a child of the 1980s, like me, you’ve probably worn leg warmers. And you probably (secretly) loved them. I am 100% guilty. I luh-huvd leg warmers. I had a light blue pair that my grandmother knitted for me. They weren’t too thin and weren’t too thick. They were perfection. Then, for my birthday I got this great pink, gray and white wool sweater with – drum roll, please – matching leg warmers. It was like I had died and gone to heaven! I wore them once a week until I outgrew them. Over jeans, under skirts, in 90 degree weather. It didn’t matter, nothing would ruin my love of the warmer.

Well, I have to admit, part of me is kinda excited they’re making a comeback. I’m still undecided as to whether they look cool or stupid, but there’s a goofy kid with a bad perm and big bangs looming inside me that is dying to wear a pair.  Ah, the feel of itchy wool against the outside of your calf under your jeans. Priceless.

Lindsay Lohan of all people, figured this out somehow and launched her spin on it, the “Ankle Glove.” By the way, they instantly sold-out at Fred Segal. Seriously! Now it seems you can buy them online for $42. They are animal print and -hate to say it – maybe cute too? Maybe.

Even your tiny little non-Lindsay-like princess can wear them. Baby girls will most certainly be sporting some kind of leg warmer this fall. Baberoo makes 100% certified Organic Leggies for baby girls. They can be worn up to age 5. I must admit, these are CUTE! And you can change diapers in a snap!

Has the leg warmer been slimmed down and sassed up enough to see a happy rebirth? Better yet, will you be wearing them? I will..

Moms Meet the Maxi Dress

We’re seeing a growing trend in dresses and for once, the hemline is dropping instead of rising. The shorty short mini dress may be in high demand, but the Maxi Dress is rapidly gaining popularity. What could potentially look like something Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company wore, has been streamlined and sassed up.

The Maxi Dress is a long (ankle-length) frock that is usually flowy and often has an empire waist and a floral print. Embraced by big designers like Missoni, Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg, these dresses are creating quite a stir.

What’s good about this trend? If you want to hide a few parts, you’re in luck. It’s also easy to assemble – no mixing and matching separates. Just grab a necklace and some shoes and BAM! – you’re done. The downside? Don’t you have to be Heidi Klum to make something shapeless take form? Moms, what do you think about the Maxi Dress? Love it or leave it?