Hip-N-Hop: MommyQ’s Easter Eggstravaganza

The most bunnylicious holiday for your tots is right around the corner. You’d better hop to it if you want all your Easter treats to arrive in time. From silly socks to ducky sweaters to funny bunnies, I’ve hand-picked some of the cutest items and compiled them into one convenient list. See, MommyQ always does the hard stuff for you. And that’s why you love me…or loathe me.


Bunnies in a Box – $14 – Arte Bebe

lapinos2Lapinos the Bunny – $44 – Arte Bebe

easter-pjsPersonalized Easter PJs – $48 – Chasing Fireflies

bunny-book1Bunnyville Egg Hunt Pop-Up Book – $15 – Chasing Fireflies

good-sweaterGood Egg Sweater Set – $50 – Chasing Fireflies

frameb1Funny Bunny Frame – $18 – Chasing Fireflies

gift-setBunnies by the Bay Baby Gift Set – $100 – Nordstrom


Halabaloo Butterfly Eyelet Dress – $66 – Nordstrom

bunny-backpackBunny Backpack – $38 – Chasing Fireflies

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