Austin Fashion Week Kickoff: Recap Fun & Matching a Sofa

Last weekend, the second annual Austin Fashion Week began with a huge party and fashion show at Idea City, the place GSD&M calls home. Partygoers and fashionistas did their best to beat the heat and as the sun went down and a cool breeze entered the equation, it was time to get serious about style.

What Bloggers are Saying:
You can see what local fashion bloggers like Indiana Adams (AdoredAustin), Joanna Wilkinson (KeepAustinStylish) and Tiffany Diane (AustinIsBuning) had to say about the runway show and Austin’s unique aesthetic in a News 8 Austin blog complete with video.

80s Pop Star, Tiffany
One of the hightlights of the evening was definitely 80s pop star, Tiffany, belting out her famous tunes. Part of me was expecting to see a redheaded teenager in an acid-washed denim jacket and big hair walk out on stage.  No, Tiffany is all grown up like the rest of us now. But she did an amazing job and really engaged the crowd. It was impossible not to sing along when she sang ‘I Think We’re Along Now.” See how Tiffany dazzled the crowd on News 8 Austin.

Austin’s Fashion Talent
A Project Runway contestant who competed in Season 6 , Louise Black, is participating in Austin Fashion Week this year. You can read about more of Austin’s notables on News 8 Austin.

My Fashion Blunder
I have to tell a quick personal story, because it’s just to hilarious not to share. I wore a totally unique dress to this event – a Marc by Marc Jacobs red-striped linen dress. After the fashion show, we went to grab a drink at a local bar called Townhouse. After we walked in, we realized my dress matched the red striped fabric on the furniture exactly.  What are the odds of that? It was hilarious and just goes to show fashion is totally unpredictable. 😉

Here are a few pics from the evening:

Hello Fashionista Status: Austin Fashion Week Coverage

MommyQ is a bona fide fashionista. Well, at least for a while. I’m excited to report I will be a contributing fashion blogger for News 8 Austin this year during Austin Fashion Week, August 14- 21, 2010.  This is my first year involved in Austin Fashion Week and although it hasn’t officially begun yet, I’m already thoroughly excited.

My first blog post is about the fabulously talented Lisa Kennedy, an Austin-based fashion stylist and hairstylist. She has been helping me rediscover my own style, which has been slightly derailed by two pregnancies. Seriously, during my style consultation she pointed out the obvious. I own a ridiculous amount of black shirts. Lisa and I were standing in my closet together and I was like, “Oops. How did that happen?”  Find out exactly what a stylist can do for you and why you don’t have to be a celebrity to have one by clicking here.

What keeps Austin so stylish? It is the eco-fashion? The thirst for individuality? The cowboy boots?  Nope, it’s the people. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of the women (and men) responsible for keeping Austinites informed and stylish. Get a fresh perspective from:

Fashionably Austin keeps you fashionably connected to local fashion, as well as fashion catwalks around the globe.  My new friend and part of the dynamic duo behind this online fashion community, Cheryly Bemis, will be reporting from these events. It’s always fun to follow Cheryl!

Austin Slave to Fashion is shopping and styling in the ATX. She loves all things fashion and thinks everyone deserves to feel good and look good in what they wear.

Keep Austin Stylish keeps you up-to-date with the latest fashion news and trends in the most casually chic city in Texas.

– Let your imagination run wild with Colours Marie. Go ahead, colour outside the lines.

Austin Eavesdropper covers music, fashion, food and all things fabulous. You’re all invited to “dork out” with her and celebrate the coolness of Austin.

Get your fashion fix on Twitter: @coloursmarie, @austinstylish, @slavetofashion, @webanna, @TollyM, @ATXfashionweek, @FashionablyATX –  and don’t forget me @MommyQ

The Denim Jeans Dilemma

I’ve always been a fan of designer jeans. In fact, when I was in middle school I saved money to buy a pair of Guess jeans.  They were light blue with zippers at the ankles and I think they cost around $80. I loved them! As an adult, I still love designer jeans.  I don’t shop according to brands, but I tend to like the pricey ones. I wear jeans a lot – like a uniform – so it doesn’t bother to me to spend a bit on them. I’m also not willing to sacrifice style for price. If they don’t look good, I won’t wear them anyway. Now that would be a waste of money.

I almost fell off my chair when I read this article on Yahoo! Shine that says Women Spend an Average of $34 on Jeans.  How is that even possible? I’m lucky if I find a pair that fit well and look good for under $100. Most of my jeans probably cost $125 – $200, but I wear them until they fall apart. Aside from the price, the article says most women own seven pairs of jeans and only wear four of those pairs regularly.

I just blogged about five pairs of seriously bootylicious jeans over on Family Style ( These jeans are flattering from every angle. I picked a range of prices, brands and styles. Take a look and let me know which ones you like! After all, ample butts are “in” for Summer 2010.