Keen on Aquamarine: 5 Fab Summer Finds for Baby Girl

I get hooked on colors every so often and can’t seem to shake it. While I was pregnant with my first child, I wore pink all of the time. I’m not even a big fan of pink, but I sure did love it for a while. What’s scary is I didn’t even notice I had an Aerosmith thing for pink (remember this video?) until I looked at my closet one day and was struck by a wave of pink, purple and fuchsia. I blame it on hormones. Today I find myself obsessed with aquamarine.  Blue water, blue skies and lazy, blue, summer days.

Sweet Ivy Swing Dress
This beautiful aqua-colored A-line dress has a little bit of lace peeking out from the bottom. The pintucked pleats, bow applique and hem details make it the perfect party dress for summer fun. It comes in toddler and youth sizes. Retails for $36 at Nordstrom.

Sweet Heart Rose Floral Dress
Striped, dotted, ruffled & more. This dress has it all! This sundress features a bright floral skirt and a lined bodice. Toddler sizes. Retails for $34 at Nordstrom.

Merrell “Flutterfly” Mary Jane Sneaker
It’s a dress shoe and a sneaker all in one. With grippy rubber soles and Air Cushion technology, these stylish shoes are the perfect choice for your oh-so-posh kiddo on the run.Retails for $45 at Nordstrom

Small Paul Ruffled Bodysuit
With ruffles at the neckline and puffy sleeves, this onesie is chic, comfy & cute. Oh, and don’t forget the Clever Julius screenprint. Find it at Nordstrom for $18 in infant sizes.

Little Maven Seersucker Dress
This dress if from Tori Spelling’s line of baby clothes. It’s the Seersucker Bow Dress and isn’t it sweet? Back button closure and fully lines. Retails for $38 at Nordstrom.

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I Happen to Like Tori Spelling


There, I said it. One of my friends on Facebook recently admitted to liking the new Miley Cyrus song, “The Climb.” I have a lot of respect for people who willingly admit potentially embarrassing truths, so I took her lead and decided to throw props to Tori Spelling, especially in the wake of her mother’s continued public betrayal.

I have to be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of Tori Spelling during the 90210 days. In fact, I didn’t really like the show at all. The plot was horribly predictable and the amount of hair gel being used on the boys was obscene. Last year, I started watching reruns of Tori & Dean: Inn Love and was just amazed at how quickly I started to like Tori. She was funny, sincere, sweet, honest, goofy and even vulnerable.

The show didn’t seem overly contrived  me and the whole notion of a Hollywood couple trying to downsize their lives (while pregnant) and renovating a B & B at the same time was pretty entertaining. I haven’t seen the new show, Home Sweet Hollywood, but as a mother with two small children myself, I know it can only be non-stop chaos. The good kind.

Today rumors fly about Tori’s weight and Tori’s psycho mom, Candy, etc. I have no idea what’s true and what isn’t, but I feel sorry for her. When push comes to shove she’s a woman, wife and mother trying to make it all work. That’s no easy feat. If my mom started sending open letters to TMZ about what should be private issues, I’d be mortified.

Maybe this all a big publicity stunt – who knows? If it’s not, It’s just plain sad. And not the good kind.

Why so Ga-Ga over Celebrity Babies?

Babies, babies and more babies grace the inside pages of People Magazine. My guess is, it’s one of the hottest issues of the year. And not because of Sarah Palin, although she’s very interesting indeed. It’s because these aren’t normal babies, they are celebrity babies! Which leads me to a simple question, why are we so doggone OBSESSED with celebrities and their babies and their baby bumps?

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a non-celebrity life, so it must be extra-special when it’s a famous belly growing.  No matter who you are, if you’ve had a baby you’ve experienced the same life-changing event – a birth! That similar momentous experience makes you feel a connection to someone famous.

Let’s take, Angelina Jolie-Pitt, for instance. She had her twins via c-section so she went through everything all c-section moms did like the scary long needle in the back, the creepy tingling toes, the weird pulling and tugging sensations, the BIG final push so kindly referred to as “pressure,” meeting your baby for the first time with your organs sitting next to you on a table and the sewing-up job that seems to leave you stranded there for eternity. So yea, I could say Angelina and I have something in common. Does that makes us friends? No. But we have a distant connection. And I think most people want to feel a connection and they act on it by mimicking purchases.  Orbit, Ergo, Q Collection Junior, Bratt Decor a la J.Lo and so on….

Doesn’t mom get a secret thrill saying matter-of-factly to her friend, “I have a stroller like Tori” or “a Bumble Bag like Reese” or “a Britax like Donald Trump’s kid…” People just embrace it. It somehow makes us all even. See, we’re all special folks. Awe…