Ode to a Wheely Bug, the BEST Toddler Gift on the Planet!!!

Cute as a button;
As enjoyable as a hug;
No child should go without a ride-on Wheely Bug!
The bee is bright and cheery;
The lady bug is extra-sweet;
The cow, oh my goodness, is an absolute treat!
Scoot, spin and roll all over the house;
And thanks to special wheels, it’s as quiet as a mouse.
Evoking laughter, giggles and smiles as wide as the sea;
No critter is better than the one known as Wheely!

MommyQ is obsessed with this wonderful ride-on toy! Can you tell? I was driven to write poetry about it. Now that’s love! And I’m no stranger to this toy either. I’ve seen all three Wheely Bugs in person at least a hundred times, but now I know personally, why they are award-winning toys.

My youngest son turned one yesterday and his big gift was a Cow Wheely Bug. (Not an easy feat to wrap it, but MommyQ improvised and it looked cute enough.) The little birthday boy loved it, but my older son who is almost four, was completely enamored with it. He rode around the house on it, I pushed him around on it, he put his stuffed animals on it and pushed them around the house — What a simple, yet innovative toy!

The Bee and the Lady Bug are cute, but you just can’t beat the Cow. There’s something about those little wooden horns that makes you grin. My boys weigh 25 pounds and 45 pounds, so we opted for the large Wheely Bug. After seeing the boys play with it I encourage EVERYONE to buy the large Wheely Bug. Your children will outgrow the small one way too quickly. Even if your kiddos are little, buy the big bug because they will grow into it in a flash.

If you’re trying to find an extra-special toy for that extra-special baby or toddler in your life, get a Wheely Bug! You won’t be disappointed. Promise! Oh, did I mention it’s eco-friendly too? $69.95 at BabyEarth.