Thank You, David Letterman

Tonight I stayed up later than usual to see how David Letterman would handle his much publicized apology for the joke he made last night. I think it’s human nature to squirm a bit when we have to admit to doing something wrong.  No matter how small that something may be, it’s difficult to take the blame.

Letterman began his show as normal with a clever monologue. When the camera returned, he was seated at his desk and began his apology. He started off by talking about the joke without going into great details. He said that all comedians know if you have to explain a joke that means it wasn’t funny. He never blamed his writers or staff. He said the joke was entirely his responsibility and he was wrong for saying it. He apologized to both Palin daughters by name, as well as to Governor Palin and the rest of her family.

It is so refreshing to see someone exhibit such professionalism. Remember folks, this man is a star. He could’ve easily hid behind any number of people or just brushed off the entire situation without ever addressing it. This was not acting, nor was it done to save his job. David Letterman apologized because he is passionate about what he does and recognized he went too far. Yes, a man who makes snarky jokes for a living can make a mistake. I applaud him for being above excuses and facing the fire. Bravo, Letterman. You just gained a new fan in MommyQ.