LC Launches Ho-Hum Collection at Kohl’s


In my opinion, you’re either a fan of LC (Lauren Conrad) or you’re not. When I first started watching The Hills, I thought she became more likable as the show progressed, but I was never overly impressed with her sense of style. Maybe it’s because my attention was always being diverted to Kristen and her catty ways. I love watching spoiled, rich, divas be bitchy to each other. And the fact that they were graduating high school – so amusing.

LC emerged from The Hills as a budding fashion designer. She “designed” her first collection that was supposed to be rather pricey, but I don’t think it really took off. Now she is unveiling a ready-to-wear line at Kohl’s department stores. Speaking of Kohl’s, did you know Vera Wang has a line there called ‘Simply Vera’…

You can see LC’s collection at Kohl’s online by clicking here. I’m not being mean because I don’t have a line of clothes for sale, but I’d say this stuff is rather ho-hum. Where are the cool hobo bags and the chunky belts and the rompers and the bright colors? What about mini dress? I get that it’s supposed to wearable, but a cami and two cardigan sweaters? How hard is that to design? Again, not being mean…just wondering.