Countess LuAnn’s Asymmetrical Obsession

Is it something we’re all thinking, but nobody is talking about? Does Countess LuAnn from the Real Housewives of New York City need a one-shoulder intervention?

When it comes to trendy clothes, you know a killer asymmetrical dress works wonders.  I happen to love one-shoulder dresses and tops, but LuAnn is demonstrating obsessive behavior when it comes to her spatial relationship with clothes. Pun intended.

Don’t get me wrong, I think LuAnn is quite beautiful with a great body and that cool raspy voice. In my opinion, she is far more striking and naturally pretty than Kelly.  But why so many asymmetric necklines? What is with that?!?

When Ramona made the comment jokingly in all seriousness, “I think your purple dress with the one-shoulder is ridiculous,” I almost fell out of my chair. Yes! Ramona  finally said something intelligent. LuAnn, I love ya babe, but that dress is ridiculous.  I’m not sure if someone she respects in the fashion industry told her it’s a good style for her body type or what, but owning more than 20 one-shoulder dresses is probably a no-no, even for a duchess or a princess or a countess.

Who’s with me? Shall we start making phone calls and schedule this intervention? I’ll bring the Pinot Grigio.

Project Runway Season 7 Winner: Blogging The Final Auf

First of all, when I tuned in to the finale of Project Runway on our big HDTV, the Lifetime channel (26 in Austin) is NOT WORKING. Black, blank screen. What the freak? I run upstairs and start watching it on the tiny television in my kid’s playroom. Super crapola. Here’s a play-by-play of the show. It’s semi-liveblogging. 😉

-I tuned in as they were working out some makeup details with Collier Strong and let me say the “dark eye” is just fabulous. I wish I had the courage to wear that look. I applaud Mila for choosing that look because it’s stunning up close and from a distance.

– Emilio is freaking out because he’s missing models or a model.  Whatever. He’s such a priss.

– Watching a commercial for Sex and the City 2 and wondering why they would ever write a camel into the plot. Seems odd. I’m sure I’ll have to watch the movie to find out. I’m a marketers dream!

– The models are lined up and Seth Aaron says he’s “amped” and for good reason.

– Heidi welcomes the crowd, looking gorgeous as always, but the dress looks like something in the Kardashian collection at Bebe. I’m sure everyone else will love it. It not my fave.

– Seth Aaron goes first and was inspired by the German military. (Trying to get on Heidi’s good side, perhaps?) Sounds familiar. His collection is really stunning! All black and white with red accents and yellow plaid. It’s like Hollywood rocker meets Burberry prep. His final piece is a wild purple thing I’ve never seen before. Let’s call it a dress. Wow, his clothes are absolutely impeccable.

– Oh boy, now Mila is crying about how hard she worked for this. Blah, blah, blah. Every person on the show has worked hard, even the folks who got auf’d. Sorry, I’m not really a Mila fan. I was hoping Jay would have made it to Fashion Week instead. His clothes seemed more inspired to me, except that awful MJ jacket.

– Mila was inspired by shadows for her collection. It’s black and white, just like Seth Aaron. OMG. It’s so similar to SA’s collection. Wow. It’s much more hip and innovative than many of the clothes she designed during the show. I’d say Michael Kors will like it because it seems commercial. Nothing really jumped out at me though.

– Emilio steps up to the plate now. His collection is called “Color Me Bad” and that is hilarious. The red dress is incredible for sure. I like the red pieces a lot – love those gloves – but not crazy about the blue and the brown pieces. I don’t get the color palette he chose, but what do I know. As Nina would say, it doesn’t seem cohesive. The final frock is way to gold. I’m not feeling these clothes as much.

– The judges are blown away by the show. Really?  Shocker. 😉

– Faith Hill is just adorable. What a fun guest judge! The judges love Seth Aaron’s stuff, but they also didn’t get the purple dress. Heidi is wondering why Emilio named it “Color Me Bad.” Oh, Faith loves Emilio’s coats. Heidi likes his prints – with his name.

– Michel Kors liked Emilio’s gold gown. Interesting. It is totally commercial. Nina thinks it was heavy on the suits. I agree with her. Emilio said he wanted to showcase his sportswear. Mila again with shadows. “Layers, textures, dimensions,” she says. Michael, Heidi and Nina are glad she made the style more hip and now. Heidi liked the white t-shirt with the black stripes – so 80s!

– Michael’s issues are no surprises with Mila, too much over-working with Seth Aaron and no drama (showmanship) from Emilio.

– And the winner of Project Runway, Season 7, is… NOT Mila. She just got auf’d.

– And the winner of Project Runway, Season 7 is Seth Aaron. Congrats!!!


Project Runway: Who’s Getting Auf’d Tonight?


Well, nobody actually.

Tonight is The Finale Part I of Project Runway and I’m so excited. This has been an interesting season, but not due to the contestants. I actually think there isn’t enough drama between them this season. Other than the tiny amount of tension between Irina and Althea because of an enormous sweater thingy, it’s been pretty ho-hum. I think the most interesting element has been the harsh judging. And the fact that Lindsay Lohan was like the worst, most ironic guest-judge of all times. I believe she questioned a designer’s “taste” and that is hilarious.

I’m a fan of Carol Hannah because I love her design aesthetic and her sweet personality. Not to mention she can sew a dress that fits like a glove – flawless execution! Tonight Rebecca Romijn will be the guest judge. I LOVE it when models are guests like last week when Cindy Crawford joined the panel. I am always amazed when someone’s beauty can stand up to Heidi because she is just so gorgeous.


I love Tim Gunn and Michael Kors still has the best one-liners. If you wanna own something cool from Mr. Kors, yet don’t want to spend a fortune, check out this little gem. It’s the Very Hollywood Eau de Parfum Ring and isn’t it a great gift for the holidays? You can find it for $40 at Michael Kors.

I Happen to Like Tori Spelling


There, I said it. One of my friends on Facebook recently admitted to liking the new Miley Cyrus song, “The Climb.” I have a lot of respect for people who willingly admit potentially embarrassing truths, so I took her lead and decided to throw props to Tori Spelling, especially in the wake of her mother’s continued public betrayal.

I have to be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of Tori Spelling during the 90210 days. In fact, I didn’t really like the show at all. The plot was horribly predictable and the amount of hair gel being used on the boys was obscene. Last year, I started watching reruns of Tori & Dean: Inn Love and was just amazed at how quickly I started to like Tori. She was funny, sincere, sweet, honest, goofy and even vulnerable.

The show didn’t seem overly contrived  me and the whole notion of a Hollywood couple trying to downsize their lives (while pregnant) and renovating a B & B at the same time was pretty entertaining. I haven’t seen the new show, Home Sweet Hollywood, but as a mother with two small children myself, I know it can only be non-stop chaos. The good kind.

Today rumors fly about Tori’s weight and Tori’s psycho mom, Candy, etc. I have no idea what’s true and what isn’t, but I feel sorry for her. When push comes to shove she’s a woman, wife and mother trying to make it all work. That’s no easy feat. If my mom started sending open letters to TMZ about what should be private issues, I’d be mortified.

Maybe this all a big publicity stunt – who knows? If it’s not, It’s just plain sad. And not the good kind.

Thank You, David Letterman

Tonight I stayed up later than usual to see how David Letterman would handle his much publicized apology for the joke he made last night. I think it’s human nature to squirm a bit when we have to admit to doing something wrong.  No matter how small that something may be, it’s difficult to take the blame.

Letterman began his show as normal with a clever monologue. When the camera returned, he was seated at his desk and began his apology. He started off by talking about the joke without going into great details. He said that all comedians know if you have to explain a joke that means it wasn’t funny. He never blamed his writers or staff. He said the joke was entirely his responsibility and he was wrong for saying it. He apologized to both Palin daughters by name, as well as to Governor Palin and the rest of her family.

It is so refreshing to see someone exhibit such professionalism. Remember folks, this man is a star. He could’ve easily hid behind any number of people or just brushed off the entire situation without ever addressing it. This was not acting, nor was it done to save his job. David Letterman apologized because he is passionate about what he does and recognized he went too far. Yes, a man who makes snarky jokes for a living can make a mistake. I applaud him for being above excuses and facing the fire. Bravo, Letterman. You just gained a new fan in MommyQ.

Chelsea Handler Might Be My Hero


You may know her as Chelsea Lately, the hilariously sarcastic comedienne on E! I know her as Hero #3. I’m not sure who my first two heroes are, but Chelsea certainly gets the third spot.

Her show is just the right amount of news, celeb gossip and cynicism, which I really appreciate at the end of the day. You know what I mean, everything – no matter how profound – is just plain old stupid or annoying by 10:00 p.m. I don’t want to hear one serious thought after 9:36 p.m.  And Chelsea gets that! Ah, refreshing.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the show yet, you should tune in one night. I assure you it will either make you laugh or deeply offend you. Either way, it’s thoroughly entertaining. Just a friendly TV tip from MommyQ.