MommyQ Dishes About Her Dreams on The Stir

Today MommyQ was featured on The Stir, a CafeMom blog! What are my secrets to a good night of sleep? What do I dream about? Am I really psychic? Are my cats really that ridiculously overweight? Get the answers to your most pressing questions by reading “Cats Who Steal the Covers, Psychic Dreams: Sleep Secrets” by the talented and anti-appliqued sweater-New-York-living mom & writer, Jeanne Sager.

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The Irony of Being a Mom Blogger

The one thing that makes you great happens to be the one thing that stands in your way of greatness. Make sense? Absofreakinlutely!

I’ve always been enamored with writing ever since I can remember. When I was little, I wrote stories about my Barbies and movie scripts for my Barbies. Yep, I’ve always enjoyed it. Writing was never a bad thing to me. In high school, my friends would moan & groan about writing papers and I loved writing papers. I’m an English major – sue me.

Throughout the years my biggest issue has been what do I write about. I’ve been minimally interested in so many different hobbies that none stood out. Then I became a mom about five years ago and everything changed. Blogging was the wave of the social media moment and motherhood was ruling my life. Writing and motherhood. Writing and motherhood. Computer keys and baby bottles. Sleepless nights and too many ideas. Of course! I will be a mom blogger. In 2008, MommyQ was born and it has been a blast!

And what stands in the way of blogging daily and turning a simple WordPress site into a magical fantasy world of revenue and recognition? Your children! I have lots of ideas for blog posts that never get written. Why? Being a mom takes priority. I, like most mom bloggers, have discovered irony is a funny little beast. So you see, my first comment is totally accurate. What makes you great can easily stand in the way of your greatness. I gotta run now…my baby is climbing the bookcase…again…

MommyQ Quoted on

Being no different than the zillion other mom bloggers out there, I wrote a little something about preggo 66-year-old Elizabeth Adeney a few weeks ago. In a post titled “First-Time Mom at 66” on, I was quoted as saying, “Just because one can do something, doesn’t mean one should.”

I have since received a variety of comments from older moms and they tend to agree. The act of having a child at the ripe old age of 66 – almost 70 – might just be selfish indeed. Check out the article or my previous blog post about Elizabeth here and let me know what you think.