Smart Holiday Shopping with BlueAvocado Totes

blueavocadoIf you haven’t discovered BlueAvocado reusable totes, you need to check them out. I love this unique system of reusable bags because they are stylish and easy to store. In other words, you won’t look like a goofball in the checkout line with these eco-friendly bags. Every gal in town will want to know where you got them. I promise. In fact, they’re so sure you will love the Starter Kit as the perfect holiday gift that they’ll even give you a FREE one.

For ALL orders over $75 placed by end of day WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 16th,  get  a FREE Charcoal (or Raspberry) Starter Kit (charcoal available while supplies last). Kits will be included from our warehouse so no promo code needed.  Finish your Christmas shopping with style!! Take part while while supplies last. Shop now!

Want to learn more this awesome Avocado? Read my previous posts. I’ll also be announcing a terrific BlueAvocado giveaway over at Droolicious soon. Stay tuned!

Finally, a Black Friday Promotion Makes Sense

I was doing a bit of research for one of my blogs and came across this clever header, “Hide from Black Friday Crowds in Style at the Ritz-Carlton Charlotte.” Needless to say, it caught my attention. After all, most Black Friday promos are totally lame at best. I continued reading…

“Are you one of those crazies who get up at the crack of dawn to haul out for Black Friday shopping? Honestly, we’re more the online shopping types — fewer black eyes, more time spent in PJs. But leave it to the new Ritz-Carlton Charlotte to make even that sound luxe.”

She had me at hello. It’s truth in advertising at its finest. Funny thing is, I just mentioned “crazies” on my Facebook status because I saw the trailer for The Crazies and it scared the living you know what outta me. But she’s got something here because if you get up at 5 a.m. to shop, you’re a wacko. Seriously, if you think you can buy something at a significant savings at 5 a.m., but not at 1:00 p.m. the same day, you’re delusional.

Anyway, it’s a funny write up at HotelChatter and I like the way KatieK takes care of business. If you’re in Charlotte, you just might wanna check out the Ritz. “Laptops, Lounging and Libations” offers a wrist massage and lots of cocktails. And we all know how much fun drunk online shopping can be….