The Lululemon Addiction: Run Times Tank

It was unavoidable. For years I heard all of my friends dish about their obsession with Lululemon. Posting on Facebook when they bought a new outfit, usually with the word “Yay!” peppered in or wearing their new street-smart athletic threads around town.


When it comes to cute athletic gear, girls built like me usually strike out. Let’s just say sports bras for busty gals are typically horrid. The larger the size, the more fabric. And if you have a thin midsection, then the elastic band underneath never fits. It’s always too big. Plus, thick straps are unavoidable, so the cute skinny straps that make it look better are hopeless. I mean, you can get away an ill-fitting jog bra if you’re just walking around, but try running in a “cute” sports bra that doesn’t fit. Uhm, looks vulgar/scary and feels even worse! (Ouch.)LW1F18S_013295_8

Now I’m experiencing the Lululemon obsession myself thanks to the Run Times Tank. The Light Luxtreme shelf bra offers a perfect fit – not too tight and not too loose – and the easy-breezy tank makes it all versatile and stylish. I wish they had more color options because my body rejects mint green – er, sorry…Heather Bali Breeze. I love the Grey Light Flare and the Black, of course.

Also, the Speed Short is maybe the best pair of running shorts I’ve ever owned. Oh yes, I’m obsessed. LW7789S_0001_4

What’s you favorite Lululemon obsession?