A Proper Bag for Your Other Baby


With one foot out the door and the other trying not to slip on Lightning McQueen, you’ve managed to fix your hair, do your makeup, put on a dress and toss on a pair of heels, only to realize that your attempt at looking stylish will be totally smashed to bits by your hideous computer bag! U-G-H!

Your bulky, manly, awkward, ugly and non-ergo-friendly bag isn’t helping your “I’m a hip mommy” image. (And neither is that spit-up stain on your shoulder.) Meet the Shine from Ice Red! This fabulous computer bag is so cool and glossy, you might just find excuses to carry your laptop around more often. It’s classy! It’s modern! It’s shiny! What more could a mommy want?


It comes in three shades – Pink, Black and Silver – and they’re all perfection.  Aside from the glossy, vinyl exterior, the interior boasts an organizer for pens, change, phone, iPod and more.  The straps can be snapped together too. The large compartment fits up to a 17″ laptop. Find it at Ice Red for $70.

Fun Feedback: Flinging the Personal Insults

It’s always amusing to receive comments from readers who do not agree with my opinions. While the positive comments are wonderful and reassuring, the negative ones are certainly worth mentioning. What’s great about negative comments is they often end or begin with a personal insult. And being that these insults are from total strangers, they are even more entertaining. Here are a few of my favorites:

“You must be in bad shape and most likely fat.”

“You better believe I wear tights, mock me all you want, but I’ll be mocking your cold chicken legs right on back.”

“Are you a cynic? I pity your family if they have a positive outlook on life.”

I hate to burst all of your bubbles, but I’m actually not in bad shape or fat, I don’t have chicken legs (even when they’re cold) and my family is just as cynical as I am. That being said, I appreciate your honesty and taking the time to respond. Your scathing comical comments are just peachy-keen with me.