Mom, What’s Under Your Tree?

tree1I’m always interested in knowing what items other moms deem as super-duper gifts. Whether it’s stuff for the baby, the toddler or the preschooler, let me know what kind of goodies are sitting under your Christmas tree this year. I’m also curious to know what you are buying for the hubby. If he’s not on the naughty list, of course. Mine is always on that list, but he get lots of presents anyway. Lucky guy. 😉

Here are a few things that made it under our tree this year. Obviously my kiddos don’t read my blog, otherwise I’d be ruining some good surprises.

1. – Reading Tent AKA Home Sweet Play Home from The Land of Nod – Our friends have this for their kiddos and my little guys loved it. Since my oldest is an avid reader, I think he’ll really enjoy some quiet time away from all of us! I also got him the matching cushion.

2. –  Twilight Turtle – Our little guy is getting his very own turtle. I opted for the regular as opposed to the Sea Turtle because there aren’t as many lights. There’s just something special about falling asleep under the stars, even if they are battery-operated. We’ve had Twilight Sea Turtle for over a year and he’s still a family fave.

3. – “Jerry” the Peterbilt from Cars – I have no idea where you can find this toy. I bought it on eBay because I couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m sure it’s back in stock at Target now!

4. – NASCAR Slot Car Racers – This is going to be the biggest hit by far. Dale Jr. & Jeff Gordon can race each other all day long. I sure hope it can take some abuse. And lots of screaming.

5. – A Drum Set – Oh, yes! Are we gluttons for punishment or what? It’s a pretend set, so it’s not all that elaborate. We love encouraging our kids to be musical because none of us are. I sure hope they can sing too. (I gotta admit, I’m still undecided about this one…)

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what made your list!

Are Fill-In Thank You Notes A Cop Out?


I just finished writing 14 thank you notes from my kids’ birthday parties. As I sealed the last one, I had to ask myself, “Are fill-in-the-blank notes a cop out?”

In this fast-paced age of iPhones, Twitter, microblogs and microbrews, our lives are instant this and instant that. It seems the old-fashioned manners we learned as a child are slightly barbaric. I grew up writing thank you notes until my hands fell off. I didn’t even get lined paper so many times I would rewrite one several times because it began to slant off the page.

I do believe in the value of thank you notes and try hard to keep up with them. I did take a two-year break when my first child was born. But after I figured out how to brush my teeth and shower, I started writing them again. (Yes, that’s a bad joke about time.)

Anyway, I started buying the ultra-cute Fill-In Thank You Notes last year due to time constraints. They’re cute and fun, but does that measure up as a hand written sentiment? I think they do. It’s the thought that counts, right? Isn’t a fill-in thank you still a thank you? I mean, ink is still being used. What do you think? Counts or cop out?

If you know me, you can count on getting fill-in thank you notes ’til the cows come home. And by the way, Thank you so much for the _____. I really love the ____ and ______. Yours truly, MommyQ