MommyQ Dishes About Her Dreams on The Stir

Today MommyQ was featured on The Stir, a CafeMom blog! What are my secrets to a good night of sleep? What do I dream about? Am I really psychic? Are my cats really that ridiculously overweight? Get the answers to your most pressing questions by reading “Cats Who Steal the Covers, Psychic Dreams: Sleep Secrets” by the talented and anti-appliqued sweater-New-York-living mom & writer, Jeanne Sager.

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Who Puts A Costume On A Cat? Crazy People…

biker-buddyI blogged about a funny dog costume earlier this week and since I’m a cat person, I had to be fair. Well, the selection of costumes for cats is far less vast and amusing. In fact, there aren’t that many costumes for cats. Then I thought about it a bit and realized why. Cats HATE wearing anything but their own fur. Even the sweetest kitty will scratch your eyes out if your try to put a fancy collar on it, let alone a costume.


I did find a few hats for cats at something better? Send me a link! (Is it me, or does that white cat look scared out of its mind.) I think the tabby actually likes being king. Go figure.