Tiger Woods Drama: We Care Because We’re Nosy

gossipIf you haven’t heard all of the D-R-A-M-A surrounding Tiger Woods and his recent little car accident you must be living under a very large rock. With very large soundproof headphones. Whether you Google “Tiger Woods” as web results, news results or blog results, the stories are swirling. In addition to the gossipmongers like TMZ and Perez Hilton, major news networks are weighing in. He’s wrong. He’s right. He’s entitled to his privacy. He should set the record straight. His “brand” is in jeopardy. The tree should press charges.

Is it our business? Of course not. What happened between him and his wife (and the tree) is totally NOT our business. Humans, being the flawed people we are by nature, want to know about it because we’re just plain nosy. We like to think ultra-rich, ridiculously famous people have problems in their lives just like we do.  It makes us feel better about ourselves. Yes, in some sick way maybe we’re all  looking for an interesting distraction that makes us go, “Hmmmm, maybe my life is peachy-keen just the way it is.

Even when people act like they’re too good to talk about Tiger’s situation – like certain talk show hosts did this morning – they’re still talking about it. They’re still taking part in spreading the story. Like me writing about it right now. Yes, I’m making it worse but I openly admit it. I’m jumping on the bandwagon for sure. I find the whole story interesting in a twisted, unbelievable way. To think even the gorgeous Elin – or Fergie or Gwyneth or a zillion other beautiful celebrities, for that matter – could possibly be cheated on is mind-boggling. You look at picture-perfect couples with fame and fortune and think they have it all. We may be reminded over and over and over again that they don’t have it all, yet we still look at them in awe. I find that slightly amusing in a pathetic sort of way.

Anyway, I’m sure the truth will emerge in the next few days and we’ll all forget about this by next week. If you want to see the most deplorable response to this whole ordeal, check out the article on Eonline, “Five Things You Need to Know About Tiger Woods’ Alleged Other Woman Rachel Uchitel.” This is the most appalling, faux-news, story out there at the moment.  That article is the epitome of throwing a bunch of useless facts together for the sole purpose of stirring the pot.

Whether the affair is true or not, my heart goes out to Tiger, his wife and family. Why? Because I’m a wife and a mother. This is horrible stuff to live with no matter what the real story may be. Remember, there is no “delete” button for stories published on the Internet that turn out to be wrong.

Perez Hilton’s One Night in Austin is Plenty

MommyQ really wanted to do SXSW this year, since I live here in the Live Music Capital of the World. But looking at the extensive schedule was too overwhelming, so I decided being lame was just dandy with me. Well, speaking of “dandy,” early Saturday a.m. – the last night of SXSW – my Inbox had a little surprise for me. I got two tickets to the Perez Hilton “One Night in Austin” soiree. And me being the mommy that I am, I absolutely had to attend! After all, Perez is my bloggy hero.

My best friend and I showed up around 9:00 p.m and the party was in full swing. And I mean swing literally because there was an indoor playscape where grown (drunk) adults were swinging their hearts out.  Luckily nobody got hurt because there was a faux lawn where lots of folks were sitting. Someone could have easily taken a stiletto to the head if they weren’t looking where they were going. Hesitating dangerously close to the swings was a bad idea. There was a guy monitoring the swings and he scolded people who were swinging too high. Funny to see adults get in trouble like that!

solange knowles

Anyway, I was talking and chatting through most of the music acts. I did pay attention when Solange, Beyonce’s little sis took the stage. She is stunning! The most beautiful face, just like you’d come to expect from a Knowles. She’s kind of like the rough one, cussing and singing about drugs. I applaud her baby blue eye shadow that you could see for miles. I didn’t get the outfit though. White tank, aqua skirt with white clouds (?) and weird loose yellow and silver-ish tights that weren’t tight. Regardless of the questionable fashion choices, the lady can dance. I thought ‘I Decided’ was great and I’m sure it will be topping the charts soon.

Halfway through the party they ran out of vodka. Yikes! So, I drank Alize Red Passion, the premium fruit liqueur. Ha! Let’s just say it was very fruity and fitting for the crowd. I’d say 80% of the men there were extremely comfortable with their sexuality, which is not straight. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” It was a fun, fun, fun crowd.

That being the case, there were more than a few eyes scrutinizing the fashion Dos and Don’ts parading around. I think I passed the test because my shoes were described as “fierce” on more than one occasion and one guy growled at me. Believe it or not, MommyQ was rocking the shiny tights and they seemed totally appropriate. Then again, Alize was part of the equation. Anyhoo – my best friend was rocking in her usual style and let’s just say everyone luh-huvved her! Ooh la la. I think she made 300 new friends on Facebook during the party.

Perez was hilarious wearing his pink hat and lots of attitude. He throws a fabulous shindig.  The worst part of the night was the 2-hour wait for a cab. TWO SOLID HOURS waiting for a cab. Triple ugh! MommyQ is way too old to hang like that. My fierce shoes expire after about 5 hours. All in all, it was exactly what I had expected and possibly even better. Cheers SXSW! Until we meet again next year.