What Kind of Mom Are You: Take the Skittles Quiz

Today was one of those days. I had lots of work to do and while I was on an important call with a fabulous Betty, I heard an odd noise. It was a bag of Skittles being dumped on the floor. My son was trying to sneak a few and accidentally poured them out.  My initial reaction was slowed by my second reaction, which was slowed by my third reaction, which leads me to this…The Skittles Quiz….

1. You’re on the phone and your child accidentally dumps a bag of Skittles on the floor. What do you do?

a.) Stop what you’re doing and immediately tend to the mess, throwing the now compromised Skittles in the trash.
b.) Scowl at your child and ignore the mess, knowing it won’t be going anywhere in the next 20 minutes.
c.) Skittles? Why would I ever have them in my home? They contain carbs!?!

2. You’re feeding your cats and you notice a lone Skittle hiding behind the cat’s water bowl. What do you do?

a.) Brush it off and eat it quickly so your kids won’t see you do it or else you’ll have to split one Skittle three ways.
b.) Throw it away and spray the sugary area on the floor with some type of orange cleaning fluid.
c.) Ignore it and hope the ants will find it.

3. One of your kids loves red and one loves yellow. How do you avoid a Skittletasrophe?

a.) Divide the Skittles according to colors and you get to eat the least favorite color.
b.) Tell your kids they taste the same no matter what the color is so stop complaining.
c.) I have no idea what a Skittletastrophe is and I don’t care.

4. Your toddler runs up to you with a watery red mark on his face. What do you do?

a.) Call 911 because he’s bleeding!
b.) Lick his face and enjoy the faint taste of cherry.
c.) Run the other direction.

5. You love Skittles most of all because…

a.) You love the rainbow of fruit flavor.
b.) It’s the only treat you can afford now.
c.) Nothing brings peace to fighting children faster than brightly colored candy.

Answers: Who cares. You get my point. 😉