MommyQ ‘s Top 10 List of Toddler Replies


As you know, toddlers talk A LOT. And they are funny! No, he’s not as well-spoken or as diabolical as Stewie – thank goodness. In addition to  “please” and “thank you” and “you’re welcome,” we’ve been hearing some other amusing responses to our questions and comments.  Here’s my Top 10 List:

1. – “Mine!”

2. – “Me too!”

3. – “I want sumpin’ else.”

4. – “No, I hold it.”

5. – “Mama, get me more juice? More juice? Juicy? Juice?”

6. – “No, I busy right now.”

7. – “In a minute.”

8. – “I all done.”

9. – “Mommy? Mama? Mom? M-O-M?  Dada? Daddy? Dad?”

10. – “I wanna wear racin’ shirt.”

What are the funny little phrases you hear from your kidlet constantly?

Are Fill-In Thank You Notes A Cop Out?


I just finished writing 14 thank you notes from my kids’ birthday parties. As I sealed the last one, I had to ask myself, “Are fill-in-the-blank notes a cop out?”

In this fast-paced age of iPhones, Twitter, microblogs and microbrews, our lives are instant this and instant that. It seems the old-fashioned manners we learned as a child are slightly barbaric. I grew up writing thank you notes until my hands fell off. I didn’t even get lined paper so many times I would rewrite one several times because it began to slant off the page.

I do believe in the value of thank you notes and try hard to keep up with them. I did take a two-year break when my first child was born. But after I figured out how to brush my teeth and shower, I started writing them again. (Yes, that’s a bad joke about time.)

Anyway, I started buying the ultra-cute Fill-In Thank You Notes last year due to time constraints. They’re cute and fun, but does that measure up as a hand written sentiment? I think they do. It’s the thought that counts, right? Isn’t a fill-in thank you still a thank you? I mean, ink is still being used. What do you think? Counts or cop out?

If you know me, you can count on getting fill-in thank you notes ’til the cows come home. And by the way, Thank you so much for the _____. I really love the ____ and ______. Yours truly, MommyQ

The Irony of Being a Mom Blogger

The one thing that makes you great happens to be the one thing that stands in your way of greatness. Make sense? Absofreakinlutely!

I’ve always been enamored with writing ever since I can remember. When I was little, I wrote stories about my Barbies and movie scripts for my Barbies. Yep, I’ve always enjoyed it. Writing was never a bad thing to me. In high school, my friends would moan & groan about writing papers and I loved writing papers. I’m an English major – sue me.

Throughout the years my biggest issue has been what do I write about. I’ve been minimally interested in so many different hobbies that none stood out. Then I became a mom about five years ago and everything changed. Blogging was the wave of the social media moment and motherhood was ruling my life. Writing and motherhood. Writing and motherhood. Computer keys and baby bottles. Sleepless nights and too many ideas. Of course! I will be a mom blogger. In 2008, MommyQ was born and it has been a blast!

And what stands in the way of blogging daily and turning a simple WordPress site into a magical fantasy world of revenue and recognition? Your children! I have lots of ideas for blog posts that never get written. Why? Being a mom takes priority. I, like most mom bloggers, have discovered irony is a funny little beast. So you see, my first comment is totally accurate. What makes you great can easily stand in the way of your greatness. I gotta run now…my baby is climbing the bookcase…again…

Liar! Liar! Are Your Pants On Fire?


Just like healthy eating and good manners, lying begins at home. According to a story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a new study suggests parents lie all of the time. Hey, at least we’re consistent.

Out of 127 parents, the “vast majority” says they lie to their kids, yet emphasize the importance of honesty. Although parents might have many different reasons for lying to their kids, the study focused on two motivations: to influence their behavior and to make the child feel better about something. We’re not talking about promoting fantasies like the existence of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy. These are lies we tell our kids to make them act how we want. Like telling them they need to eat vegetables or a monster will grab them. I personally hate it when parents do stuff like that. It seems rather mean to scare a child into eating a carrot.

Not only are we liars, but we are also total hypocrites. Here’s why:

“At the same time that many parents tell lies to their children, they also try to drive home the message that lying is wrong. In fact, the study found, parents who were the most punitive about lying also were more likely to lie to their children.”

How much do we lie on a day-to-day basis? Is the truth really that difficult to tell? Are we rationalizing the act of lying to make our lives easier or to make the reality of our child’s world seem less scary? If a relative dies, is it really wrong to tell your child that person is now a star in heaven? What do you think?

Baby Ink: The Right to Tattoo Your Kid


A 7-year-old wants a gang tattoo just like his daddy. Awe, that’s so sweet. So daddy holds him down while he gets it. Hmmm, are we liking this parental freedom or not? I’m sure you can guess what the story is about, but now it is going to a judge. Is tattooing your minor a form of permanent disfigurement that can land a parent in jail with a life sentence? Maybe it’s something less than a mayhem charge? That remains to be seen.

This case made international news because a father, along with a fellow gang member, tattooed his 7-year-old son. Yep, a quarter-size pawprint that represents a dangerous gang in Fresno, the Bulldog, was forcibly placed on the child’s hip. The child did want it, but the reality of the painful process seems rather abusive.

The defense attorney is arguing the idea that routine circumcisions are equally painful, so getting a tattoo is no worse. Right, right, right. So getting a circumcision in the hospital when you’re a tiny newborn is just as bad as getting a gang tattoo that will last a lifetime. Then again, parents can pierce their baby’s ears easy-peasy. Is it really that different? We’ll soon find out.

The Best of MommyQ: Vote for Barbies, Rush or Obama’s Jeans

It’s time to take a peek back in time and figure out which post deserves “The Best of MommyQ” title. From WeeGo bottles to knitted cupcakes to Autism, preggo celebrities and outlandish shopping centers, I’ve pretty much covered it all. As a favor to my readers, I never dive too far into the weird, scary or just downright depressing stories because I want MommyQ to be a place for relaxation and fun, not stress and sadness.

I’ve taken great joy in discussing meaningless dribble, like proclaiming my love for the CHI Flat Iron. Now it’s time for YOU to decide which blog post should win. Here is a list of my all-time favorite posts. Leave me a comment and vote for your fave!!!

7 Things Moms are Thankful For (Whether They Know It Or Not!)
I had a blast writing this post and was amazed at the rude feedback it got from moms who thought I was being totally serious. Duh?!?

Toy Nostalgia: Fashion Plates and Barbie’s Corvette
This post practically wrote itself! It captures some of the best memories I have from my childhood and got a tremendous amount of feedback from readers with similar funny stories about Barbies.

One Day My Babies Will Be Men
I think this post expresses the sheer panic all of us mommies encounter when we realize we’re raising men, not boys.

Excuse Me, Please Don’t Seat Us Near That Baby
No explanation needed for this one…

Retail Slump, Spoiled Kids and Rush Limbaugh
MommyQ was ridiculed by Rush Limbaugh. He said my real name and made fun of me. How can this post NOT be considered?

Elizabeth Adeney:Really? Come On.
This post was picked up on MSNBC and got about 1,000 views in 24 hours. It must be a good one.

Obama Wears (Gulp!) Dorky Denim
Again, people went totally bonkers on me about this one because they thought I was being literal. Sarcasm does not translate well online.

Again, please pick your favorite or top three faves and leave a comment. Thanks for your help!!! MQ

Prepping Special Needs Child for Birthday Party


For most families, birthday parties are a no-brainer. You get a cake, buy decorations, invite all of your family & friends and celebrate the big day. As the mother of a special needs child, birthdays are a slightly different reality. Why? Because that inherent excitement about birthdays most children seem to be born with often escapes the grasp of a special needs kiddo.

For example, my son who is ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) does not like loud noises. When a big group of people get together to sing “Happy Birthday,” it would upset him because it was too loud. Many autistic kids are also only comfortable in routine situations.  Since birthday parties are spontaneous types of events, they are hard to prepare for even if you go over all of the different expectations and aspects. (Obviously some non-special needs kids also have these types of reactions to birthday parties too.) It can be an overwhelming event, even if you only have a few family members around.

This is why I think the My Singing Birthday Cake from Ohio Art Company is such a cool toy. It’s ideal for a mildly autistic child because you can prepare for the party through pretend play. You can explain how the candles work, how the cake will be cut and shared. You can also practice the singing with the actual birthday song. I know it might seem silly to “practice” a birthday party, but this would have been a great tool for us to use when my son was smaller. I think it would’ve made him much more comfortable at the real thing.

You can find this cake at Amazon for $50! It was also mentioned on Droolicious.