Sensational MK Shoes on Sale

Get your shopaholic behinds on over to to find the coolest shoes on sale. That’s right, ladies! Nordstrom is having a huge shoe sale right this instant.

You can find these Michael Kors “Niki” Gladiator Sandals for $99. Not to shabby. They have a logo plate on the heel, an adjustable ankle strap and have a 5 1/4″ platform. Thanks to the platform, they only feel like 3 1/2″ high. Cake walk.

You can also snag free shipping on all orders over $200. Go ahead, get your shop on.

Bringing Out The Burberry, Baby!


Ah, yes. My love/hate relationship with Burberry continues today as I blog about this new Metallic Check Dress and coordinating Cardigan. Sure, you might be gagging right now at the word “cardigan,” but this ensemble is really quite beautiful.

It’s all in the details, right? The babydoll dress is patterned with a metallic check, so you get a soft sparkle. The dress is fully lined, comes with matching underpants and it’s machine washable, not to mention the layer of tulle makes for a fun, twirly skirt. So sweet! This dress is for infants size 3 mos up to 18 mos. There is a matching cropped cardigan with ruffle details, a slight shimmer and check trim.

Hard to resist, yet thanks to Burberry’s steep prices, you might find a reason to pass on it. The again, those insanely cute children in the photo might change your mind. The dress retails for $155 and the sweater for $110 at Nordstrom.

Thanks for Ditching the Plaid, Burberry


If you’ve followed MommyQ at all, you know how much I relish in making fun of Burberry. I have no real rhyme or reason to do it, but I do. I’m not a plaid hater and I didn’t have a horrible plaid incident as a child. I did have a goose sweater incident, but that’s an entirely different post.

Anyway, this adorable little Ruffle Neck Dress is 100% Burberry, yet you probably wouldn’t know by looking at it. No plaid! And might I add, Hallelujah! This pink pique knit dress features a sleeveless A-line shape.  Okay, so there is a bit of plaid inside the neck placket…but that doesn’t really count. Retails for $120 at Nordstrom.

Hip-N-Hop: MommyQ’s Easter Eggstravaganza

The most bunnylicious holiday for your tots is right around the corner. You’d better hop to it if you want all your Easter treats to arrive in time. From silly socks to ducky sweaters to funny bunnies, I’ve hand-picked some of the cutest items and compiled them into one convenient list. See, MommyQ always does the hard stuff for you. And that’s why you love me…or loathe me.


Bunnies in a Box – $14 – Arte Bebe

lapinos2Lapinos the Bunny – $44 – Arte Bebe

easter-pjsPersonalized Easter PJs – $48 – Chasing Fireflies

bunny-book1Bunnyville Egg Hunt Pop-Up Book – $15 – Chasing Fireflies

good-sweaterGood Egg Sweater Set – $50 – Chasing Fireflies

frameb1Funny Bunny Frame – $18 – Chasing Fireflies

gift-setBunnies by the Bay Baby Gift Set – $100 – Nordstrom


Halabaloo Butterfly Eyelet Dress – $66 – Nordstrom

bunny-backpackBunny Backpack – $38 – Chasing Fireflies

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