Meet MommyQ: Navigating the Wild World of Motherhood

Who is MommyQ? My two-year-old blog, MommyQ, is fueled by coffee and cynicism. I like to call it a parenting blog with a dash of celebrity gossip and a sprinkle of fashion advice. Over the years, MommyQ, has become my aspirational, online persona and she is all about eye-candy, fun and functionality. MommyQ might buy a pair of pair of $300 Tory Burch clogs, but I probably wouldn’t. 😉 In today’s economy where many folks are trying to help other families find deals and cut costs, I blog about upscale bathing suits for toddlers or the cool baby clothes Sandra Bullock bought for Louis. My blog is supposed to be a departure from reality in many ways – yet still honest & helpful – because life as a mother is stressful enough.

Who is the real MommyQ? I’m the quintessential mom balancing work and life and buying lots of stuff along the way. I’m an English major with an affinity for marketing and writing. I’ve always aspired to be a professional writer, but nothing motivated me enough to pursue that dream. All of that changed after I became a mother. Who knew having children could change you so completely.

Suddenly, I had endless amounts of thoughts, musings and experiences that I was truly passionate about and an engaged audience who shared my journey. I’m a self-taught WordPress junkie and social media guru, so my entry into the mom blogosphere in 2008 was a bit rocky. After a few weeks, I was hooked. I’ve been blogging, tweeting and trying to figure out the dreaded Google algorithm ever since.

Mere months before I started blogging, we got a devastating autism diagnosis for my oldest son who was three at the time. I harnessed my emotions and decided to blog about it a few months later. I cried through the entire post, but I wrote it and it was beautiful. At that moment, I realized how much my experience raising and Autism Spectrum Disorder child might help other parents struggling with the same situation. The reality of autism is not easy to talk about, so I don’t write about most of the time. When I feel strong enough to discuss it, I write a heartfelt post and hope others will gain inspiration from it.

There’s something unbelievably amazing about being a mom blogger. No matter where you are in your life, you’re always connected. It will be my legacy to my children, even if I have to beg, borrow and steal for it. I’m entering a very exciting phase of my life as a blogger because promising things are happening. It’s a huge balancing act, but it’s totally worth it. Besides there’s always Botox to help ease the permanent stress lines. As soon as my youngest is out of diapers, maybe I’ll be able to afford it. 😉

Are We Ever Genuinely Happy for Someone Else’s Child?

I will call this post a ‘Mommy Moment’ and you can decide if you agree or not…

The other day I was at a store and overhead a little toddler counting. She had beautiful flawless skin, big bouncy curls and expressive brown eyes. She was adorable! She counted to 20…then to 30…and finally stopped at 50. Her mom beamed and she smiled at me when she was finished because she knew she had a small audience. Amazed, I asked her mother how old she was. She was three and a half. “Good job,” I said enthusiastically. I was lying.

My mind immediately started racing. Was this normal? Can all kids her age count to 50? Are my young children on track? Is she ahead of the curve? Are my kids behind it? Thoughts were racing through my head and I wanted a computer so I could Google it until my heart was content.

Luckily, the non-mom side of my brain kicked in and squelched the mom racket. The fact that this little girl could count had nothing to do with me or my children. This was someone else’s moment, not mine. I realized how easy it is and how nature it feels to be competitive with other children. Which makes me wonder, are other parents ever genuinely happy for someone else’s child? I sure hope so. After reflecting on my actions, I’d like to congratulate that bubbly little girl on her impressive counting skills. She deserves it.

Old Navy Knows How to Dress Babies

If you’re looking for an affordable way to dress your baby without sacrificing style, take a look at the goodies waiting for you at Old Navy! Baby girl and baby boy will be comfy and cute in these summer outfits. Shop on, moms!


Patchwork Surplice Dresses!


Skirted Jersey Rompers!


Dot-Print Bubble for Newborns!


Striped Mechanic-Graphic Tees!

sleevelessSleeveless One-Pieces for Newborns!

Debating Weight Gain During Pregnancy

krispykAn article published today titled, Expectant Moms Packing on Too Many Pounds says there are new guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy. (This outta be good.) And they go a little something like this:

– A normal-weight woman should gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy.

– An overweight woman —should gain 15 to 25 pounds during pregnancy.

– For the first time, the guidelines set a standard for obese women — to gain 11 to 20 pounds.

– An underweight woman should gain 28 to 40 pounds.

Thankfully, the article stresses the importance of gaining weight in a healthy way. Just because you’re preggo doesn’t mean you can live on Dr. Pepper, Skittles, bacon sandwiches, Cheetos and a daily Frosty!  You can’t throw all of your knowledge about nutrition out the window just because you see a plus sign on the little stick. It is tempting, but it’s not smart.

Keep this in mind – you will probably want to lose everything you gain.  (If for no other reason than you like your existing wardrobe and don’t want to say goodbye to those William Rast jeans forever, right?) See, that takes the fun out of your nightly rendezvous with Krispy Kreme, doesn’t it. It may sound odd, but my big craving was those old-school multi-colored rainbow popsicles. I probably had one every day and haven’t had one since I was pregnant. Strange, huh?

When I was pregnant, my doctor told me my goal weight gain was 25-30 pounds. Well, I gained a ton more than that. (I may have been on the underweight side when I got pregnant, but only by a few pounds.) I probably gained close to 55 pounds during my pregnancies, maybe more. I was freaking out, but my doctor was fine with it. My diet was good and I was exercising, but I packed on weight no matter what. I passed all of my blood tests and check-ups with no problem, etc.

My point is if you gain more weight than you’re supposed to, don’t starve yourself to stay within the “recommended” numbers.  Don’t beat yourself up mentally or try to exist on a unrealistic diet. Every pregnancy is different. These guidelines are exactly that – benchmarks. You may be within that range and you may not. Be honest with your doctor and if you’re doing everything you can do to be healthy, yet you’re packing on the pounds – so be it. You need to be smart. Your body will do the rest.

Weight gain guidelines – friend or foe? How much weight did you gain? Do you agree with these guidelines?

Mother’s Day is Almost Here, So Gimme!

If I lived a crazy reality where I could decorate things exactly how I wanted…big fluffy cream-colored sofas with huge white suede pillows and white rugs and I would always wear white like Dianne Keaton or Barbra Streisand…but minus the goofy gloves.  Anyway, if my life were glitz and glam instead of structured and functional, I would ask for these oddly wonderful treats for Mother’s Day.

They may be created for kids or moms who have the same taste as kids – either way, I just love Zid Zid Kids. I think the metallic fabric is so original and fun, it’s impossible not to smile when you see these things. And who doesn’t love a poof? If you don’t, you’re just not human. And who doesn’t need more elephants in their life? I know I could use two or ten.

Gimme Bookends!


Gimme Cushions!

zidzidGimme an Elephant!

zidzid3All of these things would be so much fun to get as gifts for ME. Yes, me. Although I wouldn’t order my elephant with that little boy because I don’t really need another one of those! So, Mr. Q., if you’re reading this (and I know you aren’t), here are three cool things you can get me for Mom’s Day that would make me smile.

Unbelievable Baby Booties

As a mom, I see lots of little things. Tiny cars with tiny wheels. Little crackers with a little amount of peanut butter on them. Small hands with even smaller fingernails. But the delicate tiny details on these little baby booties blow my equally little mind!!!!

You’ve got to see these to believe them. Are they not gorgeous? Wow. You can shop Craftsbury Kids to see even more goodies.

Fuji Apple Baby Booties – $32

Gracious May Mary Janes – Vintage Baby – $30

Gracious May Mary Janes – Polka Dot Rose – $30

Seriously, somebody leave me a comment and let me know you’re excited about these adorable shoes too. I just think they would make such a great baby shower gift too. What a unique little treat, huh?

D&G Swimwear for Baby Girl


Get a load of this adorable swimsuit and cover-up for your little princess. It’s Dolce & Gabbana so it’s rather pricey…$75 for the suit only…I don’t expect you to buy it. But I do expect you to drool over it just a bit. The Animalier Swimsuit features a brown ocelot print with white trim.  It even has ruffles on the neckline. The cover-up has a little key hole with a tie. Wait, I think I want one for myself! Too bad the sizes only go up to 24 months. Shop this stylish suit at Neiman Marcus.