Are Fill-In Thank You Notes A Cop Out?


I just finished writing 14 thank you notes from my kids’ birthday parties. As I sealed the last one, I had to ask myself, “Are fill-in-the-blank notes a cop out?”

In this fast-paced age of iPhones, Twitter, microblogs and microbrews, our lives are instant this and instant that. It seems the old-fashioned manners we learned as a child are slightly barbaric. I grew up writing thank you notes until my hands fell off. I didn’t even get lined paper so many times I would rewrite one several times because it began to slant off the page.

I do believe in the value of thank you notes and try hard to keep up with them. I did take a two-year break when my first child was born. But after I figured out how to brush my teeth and shower, I started writing them again. (Yes, that’s a bad joke about time.)

Anyway, I started buying the ultra-cute Fill-In Thank You Notes last year due to time constraints. They’re cute and fun, but does that measure up as a hand written sentiment? I think they do. It’s the thought that counts, right? Isn’t a fill-in thank you still a thank you? I mean, ink is still being used. What do you think? Counts or cop out?

If you know me, you can count on getting fill-in thank you notes ’til the cows come home. And by the way, Thank you so much for the _____. I really love the ____ and ______. Yours truly, MommyQ

Venty McVentalot: Things that Bug Me

I hate it when:

1. – Strangers don’t say “thank you” for opening the door. For example, I was leaving Starbucks with coffee. A lady was also leaving at the same time with two cups of coffee. I held open the door for her and she walked on by without even a glance. I’m sacrificing my personal safety by juggling a scalding hot cup of liquid, so she can more easily depart. Not even a smile. I’m not your door man, lady. Geez!

2. – My son decides mid-chew that he doesn’t like what he’s eating. For example, he’s munching on a granola bar and then opens his mouth and lets all of the half-chewed pieces fall out. It’s like a granola explosion and I’m picking up little sticky oats forever.

3. – I flat iron my hair and then walk out the door to discover it’s raining. My hair instantly frizzes up like a poodle.

4. – I empty all of the trashcans and the diaper pail, spray them with Lysol and take out the trash. Two minutes later my baby has a poopy diaper.

5. – I’m having a bad clothes day where I hate everything in my closet. I finally pick an outfit that doesn’t make me miserable and on my way out the door, I manage to spill something on it. Grrrr!

Okay, all better! What do you want to vent about???? Do tell!

7 Things Moms are Truly Thankful For (Whether They Know It or Not!)

We’re all grateful for the normal stuff – health, happiness, love, family, etc. – but what about those unexpected little blessings moms are really thankful for?

  1. Naps – Once in a rare while, mom gets to take a nap. Maybe the kids are out with daddy, maybe they’ve fallen asleep too or maybe they’re running through the house with scissors. No matter how it happens, all moms are thankful for that unplanned opportunity to S-L-E-E-P.
  2. Manners – Hearing your kids say “thank you” without prompting is such a treat. No matter how bad your manners may be Mrs. I Brush My Hair in Restaurants, you always appreciate it when your kids are considerate for no reason.
  3. Cellulite – We may complain about it, but in reality we should all feel blessed to have cellulite. Why? Because if we all had silky smooth thighs and firm butts, we’d dress way too young for our age and embarrass ourselves, and our children, by wearing teeny-weeny bathing suits and micro miniskirts. Thanks to cellulite, we’re insecure not cougarlicious.
  4. Muffin Tops – No, not the playful baked good. I’m referring to the cute little love handles you’ve acquired. Moms are thankful for these impossible-to-get-rid-of friends because they keep us from wearing low slung jeans that went out years ago with Britney Spears. Believe it or not, your oh-so-sweet muffin top is making you more stylish.
  5. Botox – Thanks to botulinum toxin, we always look carefree, confident and graceful. No matter what life may throw at us – puke, spit-up, poop, tantrums – we handle it with ease. That’s because our facial muscles are partially paralyzed, but who cares.
  6. Caffeine – Due to the lack of Blessing #1, mom can’t function without the lovely little addictive pick-me-up we get from a good cup of coffee or 5 Diet Cokes per day. Nothing gets rid of a mommy headache faster than a steaming hot cup of severely overpriced teeth-stainer or a swig of fizzy sugar. Thank goodness for caramel colored miracles.
  7. Ambien – Refer to Blessing #1 again. It rarely happens, so this is the real blessing.

MommyQ wants to know what you’re thankful for this year?