At Long Last: Rowdy Kyle Busch Drives Kimmy Car

“I want Kyle Busch in a pink car in a pink suit.”

The Toyota Sponsifier “Kimmy” commercial will go down in history as one of the all-time BEST television commercials ever. You might have to be a NASCAR fan to truly appreciate it, but everyone should get a chuckle out of it regardless. What’s better than making the guitar-smashing “Rowdy” Busch wear a pink suit with kitties on his helmet? Well, how about Kyle actually driving that car in real life. Yes, that would be better.

“I love you…no write that on the spoiler.”

Rumor has it that Kyle will be running a special Z-Line / Toyota Sponsafier car in the NASCAR Nationwide race at Richmond International Raceway on Saturday, Sept 10th.  The racecar is nearly identical to the pink car featured in the commercial; covered in kittens, puppies, horses and yes, even the baby seal!

I will be watching and hoping for another record-breaking win. I just wanna see that car in victory lane. How sweet! BTW, you can special order the diecast here.