Finally, a Black Friday Promotion Makes Sense

I was doing a bit of research for one of my blogs and came across this clever header, “Hide from Black Friday Crowds in Style at the Ritz-Carlton Charlotte.” Needless to say, it caught my attention. After all, most Black Friday promos are totally lame at best. I continued reading…

“Are you one of those crazies who get up at the crack of dawn to haul out for Black Friday shopping? Honestly, we’re more the online shopping types — fewer black eyes, more time spent in PJs. But leave it to the new Ritz-Carlton Charlotte to make even that sound luxe.”

She had me at hello. It’s truth in advertising at its finest. Funny thing is, I just mentioned “crazies” on my Facebook status because I saw the trailer for The Crazies and it scared the living you know what outta me. But she’s got something here because if you get up at 5 a.m. to shop, you’re a wacko. Seriously, if you think you can buy something at a significant savings at 5 a.m., but not at 1:00 p.m. the same day, you’re delusional.

Anyway, it’s a funny write up at HotelChatter and I like the way KatieK takes care of business. If you’re in Charlotte, you just might wanna check out the Ritz. “Laptops, Lounging and Libations” offers a wrist massage and lots of cocktails. And we all know how much fun drunk online shopping can be….

Halloween for Toddlers: Prepare To Scare


I’m not a big person on the act of being scared. I don’t like the sudden rush of adrenaline or feeling my heart skip a beat. Last year, I did a blog post titled, Enough of The Motion-Activated Shrieking Decorations in Drug Stores and it was well-received. Lots of people responded and about 90% of them agreed with me. This year, my thoughts turn towards the actual trick-or-treating because this year I’ve got two youngsters. (Last year I had one youngster and one baby who couldn’t walk.)

My neighborhood embraces Halloween like most neighborhoods embrace Christmas. We are fanatics about anything inflatable. I love to imagine the conversation that takes place when these items are purchased. I think it goes a little something like this,

“Honey, we should get the inflatable Grim Reaper this year. It’s really cute! It comes in a casket and everything.”

“No, how about the inflatable carriage hearse with glowing skulls. Ten feet of terror, honey!”

You can drive down our street and see huge orange pumpkins, big black cats, spooky ghosts, freaky ghouls and more. It is a feast for the eyes, especially at night.

I am a little bit worried about the actual night of Halloween, because some people answer the door in costume. A few ladies dress up like witches and a few folks have my fave, the shrieking motion-activated thingies, right up next to the front door. My oldest won’t be phased, but my little one might not like it. My heart goes out to timid little tots that try so hard to be brave. If I see a happy face crumple because one of those darn things scare the pants off of him, I’m gonna feel pretty sad about it.

What do you think? Is it possible to prepare a toddler for scary things that are only pretend scary?

Valentine’s Day Isn’t Quite the Same, But Still Just as Sweet

It’s funny how things change when you become a parent. Before we had kids, my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day to the fullest. We were Hallmark’s dream. A special lunch together that day, dinner that night and lots of extravagant gifts along the way. We always tried to outdo each other -who could come up with the most thoughtful, unique and personal gift. You know, really tug at those heart strings. Ah, those were the days.

Today we celebrated Valentine’s Day a bit differently. Like in a huge room of screaming kids with enormous colorful inflatable slides that practically touch the ceiling. Babies bouncing off of big kids, toddlers jumping wildly to the point of exhaustion, boys and girls bludgeoning each other with big foamy blocks….total chaos. Had someone from the future told me how I’d be spending Valentine’s Day now, I would’ve laughed. (And asked how I would look in my 30s!)

Anyway, the holidays aren’t really about us anymore. They’re about our children. And spending a few hours at the coolest bouncy house in town was exactly where we needed to be. Laughter, smiles, squeals of excitement, happiness and a few impromptu hugs between siblings made for a special day.

Tomorrow Mr.Q and I will celebrate Valentine’s Day minus the crowds and the kids. We’ve agreed not to go overboard with gifts this year and I’m proud of us for being so darn mature. Maybe we’re finally turning into the responsible adults we’ve always aspired to be. Then again….maybe not! Happy Valentine’s Day!

7 Things Moms are Truly Thankful For (Whether They Know It or Not!)

We’re all grateful for the normal stuff – health, happiness, love, family, etc. – but what about those unexpected little blessings moms are really thankful for?

  1. Naps – Once in a rare while, mom gets to take a nap. Maybe the kids are out with daddy, maybe they’ve fallen asleep too or maybe they’re running through the house with scissors. No matter how it happens, all moms are thankful for that unplanned opportunity to S-L-E-E-P.
  2. Manners – Hearing your kids say “thank you” without prompting is such a treat. No matter how bad your manners may be Mrs. I Brush My Hair in Restaurants, you always appreciate it when your kids are considerate for no reason.
  3. Cellulite – We may complain about it, but in reality we should all feel blessed to have cellulite. Why? Because if we all had silky smooth thighs and firm butts, we’d dress way too young for our age and embarrass ourselves, and our children, by wearing teeny-weeny bathing suits and micro miniskirts. Thanks to cellulite, we’re insecure not cougarlicious.
  4. Muffin Tops – No, not the playful baked good. I’m referring to the cute little love handles you’ve acquired. Moms are thankful for these impossible-to-get-rid-of friends because they keep us from wearing low slung jeans that went out years ago with Britney Spears. Believe it or not, your oh-so-sweet muffin top is making you more stylish.
  5. Botox – Thanks to botulinum toxin, we always look carefree, confident and graceful. No matter what life may throw at us – puke, spit-up, poop, tantrums – we handle it with ease. That’s because our facial muscles are partially paralyzed, but who cares.
  6. Caffeine – Due to the lack of Blessing #1, mom can’t function without the lovely little addictive pick-me-up we get from a good cup of coffee or 5 Diet Cokes per day. Nothing gets rid of a mommy headache faster than a steaming hot cup of severely overpriced teeth-stainer or a swig of fizzy sugar. Thank goodness for caramel colored miracles.
  7. Ambien – Refer to Blessing #1 again. It rarely happens, so this is the real blessing.

MommyQ wants to know what you’re thankful for this year?