Switching Gears: Doggie Yoda Costume


I think we all know how adorable the furry animal suits are for kiddos, but what about these costumes for canines? I was laughing out loud at these. So – feeling generous – I decided to share. Take a look at this Star Wars Yoda costume for your pup. From small to x-large, they are all currently in stock. You’re in luck!  Yoda Dog sells for $18 at Chasing Fireflies.

Sheep Launcher for iPhone: Hilarity!

sheep_launchMommyQ is in love with a hilariously simple game for iPhone called Sheep Launcher Free. My hubby, DaddyQ, downloaded this entertaining game on his iPhone and when he showed it to my kids, they went bonkers. The game is quite simple, yet quite contagious and amusing. Your goal is launch the sheep as high into the stratosphere as you can by tapping him before he “falls” off the screen.

The sound he makes at blast off sends my kids into hysterics. And when they laugh like that, we laugh too! My four-year-old plays it by himself and thinks it’s just great. After the kids go to bed, my hubby and I play it too. I think the best part is the old fashioned helmet. That is such a clever twist.

You can read more about it and download it here. I guess I’m just a sucker for a flying sheep. Read about it on Droolicious here.


Cheers to a Funny Blog, Ms. Chatterly

You may not have heard of Ms. Chatterly, but it’s a blog worth reading. It’s well-written, the topics are funny and there’s always a clever twist. I’m a huge fan of this blog and wish Senorita Chatterly would write more often. Check it out and have a laugh! Cheers to lots of stuff about stuff.