Star Light, Star Night: A Night of Giving Under the Stars

Yes, that’s my little logo. MommyQ is sponsoring this event with a bunch of other great businesses and I can assure it will be AWESOME. We scouted out the location and discussed details today. I was excited about it before, but I’m even more excited about it now. Details about the scrumptious menu will be coming soon.  Also, if you’re a mom here in Austin and you haven’t been to Underwear yet, shame on you! This shop is a little slice of heaven!

Go ahead and buy your tickets to Star Light, Star Night today before they’re gone.

Batter Up with a Bite: Celebrity Vampire Baseball

I’m not joking. You know vampires really do rule the world when you see charity events like this – Celebrity Vampire Baseball ™ to be held in New Orleans on March 20th. You can meet Twilight, New Moon and True Blood fang-faves, as well as other athletes, actors and randoms. My outspoken, gold-pants-wearing boy, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) will be playing too!

The event is brought to you  by Twilight Fan Trips and yes, that’s real too.  Highlights of this unique baseball adventure include watching an exhibition game, getting autographs and photos with the stars, meet and greets, and an exciting after-party and concert. 25% of net proceeds from each celebrity baseball ticket sale will go towards Haitian Relief organizations to support their ongoing efforts to rebuild lives destroyed by this disaster.

This is my favorite part for sure. A portion of proceeds will also be used to support New Orleans non-profit organizations such as The Blood Center, which will host an on-site blood drive. Yummy.

Giving to Gre-Dad Makes Christmas Count

First of all, I’d like to preface this post by saying it is not a scam. This is a very real fundraiser for a very real cause.

In honor of a great daddy and equally great granddaddy, friends of mine have started the “Gre-Dad’s Gift” this holiday season.  It stems from a thoughtful idea that always seemed to get lost in the shuffle. This year, that idea was given life.

Thanks to, the Perks family can pay tribute and do something wonderful for a family in Blacksburg, VA. Find out how you can help!