The Fragrance Dance: A Sweet Smelling Mommy


MommyQ has been wearing the same perfume for about five years, so I decided to pick a new scent. Today I sniffed four horrible fragrances before I finally found two I liked. Is it wrong the coffee beans were the best smell by far? Anyway, I know my nose doesn’t always know. I had to ask the friendly salesperson her opinion a million times. Finally, I had two faves to choose from…

I really loved 212 by Carolina Herrera. It’s an off-beat, floral fragrance with musk undertones.  Too much musk makes me feel nauseous, so I am really careful about that component. 212 is fruity, fresh and timeless. It was a contender.

My second favorite was Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. It is a stunning scent that is fruity, floral and lively. I liked it a lot and could not decide. Finally, I sprayed one on one wrist and one on the other. I’m sure I reeked something fierce after I left. I would have no idea because my nose was on overdrive and I smelled nothing.

Anyhow, 212 was the winner. Now I stink of femininity and confidence. Awesome.

So readers, gimme some feedback! What is your favorite mommy fragrance? How long have you been wearing it? How often do you shop a new scent? Also, do you have a perfume for day and a different one for night? Do tell!