Victoria Beckham Pigs Out on Pasta?

You may have already heard, but one of the most famous mommies in the world is trying to gain weight. That’s right, I said GAIN weight. The perfectly posh Posh and her magnificent man, David Beckham, want another baby. They want a girl. Awwwwwe.

According to a variety of celebrity scoop sources, Victoria has begun to eat carbs for the first time since 1996. Well, I don’t the exact date but based on her teeny-tiny frame, I’m guessing it’s been a while since she ate a PB&J on white bread.  She isn’t eating fast food, but she is allowing herself carbs like pasta and potatoes.

I’m sure her little guys, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 7, and Cruz, 5, are like, “Wow! Mummy is eating cake. This is so cool!” Can you imagine how hard it must be to skip on the birthday cake with that many kids. Yikes. I’m sure she thinks a portion of pasta is like 4 noodles. Anyway, wishing her the best and get ready for baby bump radar.

Image: People Magazine

Feed Your Inner Foodie at Star Light, Star Night Benefit

Tired of the same food experience charity event after charity event?  Chafing dishes slowly drying out the rubbery gray chicken breast. Another boring crudites platter with sad carrots, and boring canapes. Yawn.

Hosteria Verde Supper Club is having a party this Saturday, May 8th (in Austin, TX) where you and your inner foodie can be excited. Plus, you’ll be giving back to a wonderful organization, Blue Lapis Light. Check out Star Light, Star Night where Hosteria Verde will be dishing up food so delectable and delicious, you’ll satisfy every craving.

From the innovative Raw Bar featuring fresh onsite shucked oyster with your choice of a mignonette or fresh horseradish granita, to pork belly sliders complimented by pickled onions, everyone will find something to feast on.

The menu for the evening features:
– Raw gulf oyster served on the half-shell with champagne Granita
– Avocado mousse with crab/tomato salad
– Cured salmon rye Crostini with Crème Fraiche and apple/Jicama salad
– Pork belly sliders with greens and pickled onion
– Chicken/ peach skewers with Serrano vinaigrette

Hungry yet? While your tummy is feeling happy & full, you can shop the beautiful collection of Stella McCartney lingerie from Underwear boutique and simply sophisticated jewelry from Limbo Jewelry Design. All proceeds from Star Light, Star Night will benefit Blue Lapis Light. Tickets are $45 per person.

Click here to read more and buy tickets!

A Foodie Event in Austin: Four Days of Outrageous Feasting


Skip the turkey swimming in gravy and opt for something a bit more unique. A bit more Austin. A bit more weird

If you’re staying in Austin for the Thanksgiving holiday, you’re in luck! Thanks to Hosteria Verde Supper Club & Catering and FLAVORS of Austin, you can experience four consecutive days of foodie delights. Plus, proceeds benefit the Sustainable Food Center so you can feel good about giving back to your community too.

Anne Rutt-Enriquez, owner of Hosteria Verde, promises great food, countless cocktails, divine entertainment and the coolest vibe Austin has to offer. The event date are November 29 – December 2, 2009.

The kick-off event is a lobster brunch with plenty of Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Then you can gamble your holiday stress away playing casino games and enjoying the soothing sounds of one of the city’s most fab lounge singers at the ‘Old School Las Vegas’ event. Next up is ‘Arabian Nights’ complete with belly dancers. The festivities end the following night with a salute to Mexican cuisine. And yes, Austin’s QVC Lucha Libre Team wrestlers will be providing serious entertainment.

You can buy tickets now at Hosteria Verde for $85 per person. Get your tickets soon because seating is limited! Get connected online at and

Peanut Butter You Can Take to School…


If your child is a PB&J kiddo, you know how hard it is to follow the ‘no peanut’ rule most schools have in place. Of course children with peanut allergies must be considered, but packing a lunch without peanut butter is not easy. Sure, there are many soy substitutes, but I have found most of them to be downright gross.

Who wants drippy, clumpy, chunky, murky peanut butter? Not to mention it makes for a wet sandwich by lunch time.  Here is a GREAT solution for moms singing the lunch blues – SoyNut Butter from I.M. Healthy. The Original is such a treat.

It tastes great, has a smooth texture, it requires no stirring and it’s not clumpy. I couldn’t find it in stores, so I ordered it online. My son loves it and eats it at school daily. If you send it, you should send a note so teachers don’t think it’s real peanut butter. LOVE IT!!!!

$20.09 for 20 Days Challenge: A Lesson in Food and Life


Last week, MommyQ came across an interesting story about a college student at University of Texas who is trying to prove that $20 is a decent amount of money. David Lee, a senior at UT and an advertising major, decided to see if he could exist on $20 worth of food for 20 days. He got the idea from a contest being hosted by UFCU (University Federal Credit Union), ‘What Can You Do With $20.09?

First, the serious…

I blogged about David’s quest to survive on $20 on Strollerderby and the responses were a bit more controversial than I anticipated. Obviously, in this economy everyone is feeling serious financial pressure.  To make a long story short, readers were upset that David was feigning to be poor to prove a point.  Quick to respond, David eloquently restated his reasons for doing the challenge. He was surprised that his actions were offending anyone and he apologized for any misunderstandings. (I encourage you to read the original post and comment!)

As someone who has been a member of blogosphere for almost two years, I understand David’s surprise. I have blogged about seemingly harmless topics like Jennifer Aniston and President Obama’s ‘dad’ jeans and have been berated by readers for my opinions. As David states on his blog, “I wonder what positive influence this challenge will have in my life…” He has certainly learned more lessons beyond what $20 can buy you in the grocery store. He has learned the lesson every blogger quickly learns, personal opinions are plentiful and people love to disagree.

Second, the fun…

I applaud David for his idea to survive on $20 for 20 days and think the results are quite positive. Today, many of us withdraw a $20 bill from the ATM and feel like it is chump change. He has shown us that with some ingenuity and help from his online community, he can make the most out of it. The rules he made for himself are clever, like he cannot accept free food from people, but he can eat free samples. If a question comes up about rules, he lets his readers decide. His blog journaling his cheap foodie adventure is funny and entertaining.

The average person seems to think this challenge isn’t challenging. I think those people are a bit delusional. They seem to think Ramen noodles is the answer. Let me say this, the notion of living on only Ramen noodles for 20 days is totally absurd, not to mention unhealthy. David isn’t sitting around eating junk food either. He’s trying to be healthy too and that in itself is quite courageous.  He has four days left and I wish him all the best.

Eat This, Not That for Kiddos


Every so often a title from the” Eat This, Not That” e-newsletter catches my eye. Today I saw the Best and Worst Drive-Thru Kids’ Meals 2009, so I just had to give it a click. And guess who the winner is?

The WORST Kid’s Meal, according to ETNT sources, is the Burger King’s Kids Double Cheeseburger Meal with small fries and a Coke. I knew that creepy king was up to no good! It has a whopping 1,100 calories, 52g of fat and 1,870 mg of sodium. Yummy. It has 18g more of fat than the same meal at McDonald’s.*

Speaking of bad for you, the Worst Kids’ Meal in America can be found at Uno Chicago Grill. It’s the Kid’s Kombo with fries and it boasts 1,250 calories, 79g of fat and 2,850 mg of sodium. Hello nutritionally bankrupt tastiness.

Did you know the worst PB&J is at Atlanta Bread Company? They put this American classic (and MommyQ’s most favorite indulgence) on French bread  to create a 550 calorie sandwich. Do yourself a favor and just keep making it at home. Do not fancify the PB&J.

*Obviously, you can also choose to skip the fries, get a milk or juice  instead of Coke and order a regular hamburger instead of the double. I’m not really knocking BK. In fact, in May 2009 they announced some seriously big steps towards making kids meals more nutritious. Read it here.

Do some meal investigating for yourself at Eat This, Not That.