Are Fill-In Thank You Notes A Cop Out?


I just finished writing 14 thank you notes from my kids’ birthday parties. As I sealed the last one, I had to ask myself, “Are fill-in-the-blank notes a cop out?”

In this fast-paced age of iPhones, Twitter, microblogs and microbrews, our lives are instant this and instant that. It seems the old-fashioned manners we learned as a child are slightly barbaric. I grew up writing thank you notes until my hands fell off. I didn’t even get lined paper so many times I would rewrite one several times because it began to slant off the page.

I do believe in the value of thank you notes and try hard to keep up with them. I did take a two-year break when my first child was born. But after I figured out how to brush my teeth and shower, I started writing them again. (Yes, that’s a bad joke about time.)

Anyway, I started buying the ultra-cute Fill-In Thank You Notes last year due to time constraints. They’re cute and fun, but does that measure up as a hand written sentiment? I think they do. It’s the thought that counts, right? Isn’t a fill-in thank you still a thank you? I mean, ink is still being used. What do you think? Counts or cop out?

If you know me, you can count on getting fill-in thank you notes ’til the cows come home. And by the way, Thank you so much for the _____. I really love the ____ and ______. Yours truly, MommyQ