A Posh High Chair for $300 Bucks

If you’re ready to make an investment in your baby’s eating & snoozing, this might be the high chair of your dreams. It’s from a popular brand parents trust, phil & teds, and it’s fully loaded.

This is the Highpod High Chair and it’s even newborn-friendly. This is a great seating solution for babies who like eat & snooze because it’s fully adjustable. You can raise and lower baby with ease. It’s also very easy to clean, which is muy importante because babies are the messiest little critters ever, god bless ’em. Take a look at some of the cool features:

– Superior adjustability: newborn to toddler (45 pounds)
– 3-position recline for food fiesta & subsequent siesta
– Adjustable food tray to match seat angle
– Ergonomic hard shell with removable form-fit insert for wash & wear
– Quick, telescopic 5 position seat-height adjustment for stand & deliver feeding or table level family dining
– Single-handed easy-fit food tray & cross bar

Find this hip high chair at BabyEarth for $300.

Peanut Butter You Can Take to School…


If your child is a PB&J kiddo, you know how hard it is to follow the ‘no peanut’ rule most schools have in place. Of course children with peanut allergies must be considered, but packing a lunch without peanut butter is not easy. Sure, there are many soy substitutes, but I have found most of them to be downright gross.

Who wants drippy, clumpy, chunky, murky peanut butter? Not to mention it makes for a wet sandwich by lunch time.  Here is a GREAT solution for moms singing the lunch blues – SoyNut Butter from I.M. Healthy. The Original is such a treat.

It tastes great, has a smooth texture, it requires no stirring and it’s not clumpy. I couldn’t find it in stores, so I ordered it online. My son loves it and eats it at school daily. If you send it, you should send a note so teachers don’t think it’s real peanut butter. LOVE IT!!!!

Nursing? Expecting? Enter Milkscreen Giveaway

If you’re breastfeeding, you already know all of the wonderful benefits it provides for both you and your baby. But what if mommy wants to indulge in a drinky-poo? In the past, we’ve had to “pump & dump” to be sure we weren’t passing any alcohol along to baby. Thanks to the innovative folks at UpSpring Baby, you never have to pump your precious milk and dump it again!

Click here to enter the Milkscreen Giveaway on Babble! Contest ends on Wednesday, April 22, 2009. Good luck!

Snack Ball-A-Day Giveaway on Babble!

MommyQ is happy to announce a special giveaway on Babble. Ever wonder what all the fuss is about over these cute little snack orbs? Find out for yourself by winning one…

Click here to visit Babble.com and read about the Snack Ball-A-Day giveaway. You simply email your name and email address to enter. We’re giving away five total, one-a-day, until Sunday, January 18th. Enter today!

The Best Bottle on the Planet

If you have a baby with tummy issues, you might want to consider Dr. Brown’s baby bottles. I still remember the day my husband brought them home. He said he had the “Dr. Brown’s” and I was really excited because I thought he meant the Cream Soda.  Anyway, as an infant, our first son could not sleep due to all of the burping, gas and spitting up. A friend of ours recommended Dr. Brown’s. And believe it or not, these bottles worked miracles.

What makes them unique is the patented venting system.You can even watch an animated diagram on the website. Once you see how it works, it just makes perfect sense. Now they make BPA-free polypropylene plastic bottles and glass bottles. We had plain old plastic when we first started using them four years ago. When my second child was born last year, we switched to the polypropylene ones. If you’ve tried other bottles and they aren’t working, give these a shot. Glass 2 pack (7 oz) retails for $15 at BabyEarth.

Sippy Cup Schmippy Cup

Over the years I’ve purchased a zillion sippy cups. Popular ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, eco-friendly ones, throw-away ones, blue ones, green ones, insulated ones, little ones, big ones, cute ones, boring ones and the list goes on and on.

In the beginning they all work fine. Then one magical day – poof! – they leak constantly. It’s like they simply self-destruct. I stopped washing them in the dishwasher thinking that would help. Nope. To my dismay the one I’m currently using started leaking. And no, I’m not pouring carbonated drinks into them.

Moms, help me solve this sippy cup dilemma once and for all. What’s THE BEST one on the market? Do tell! I’ll be living in sippy cup land for another year, at least. If I encounter one more malfunctioning little goblet, my head just might explode.