MommyQ in Kendra Scott Jewelry

Kendra Scott Jewelry: Timeless Statement Pieces with Tremendous Style

If you know me, you know I love big jewelry. I’ll wear the rings the size of your skull without blinking an eye. I’ll wear earrings that hang down to my waist. I’ve been known to wear hoop earrings that can also be worn as bracelets. That being said, I’m not always a believer in “bigger is better” when it comes to jewelry. To me, statement jewelry should serve one main purpose – enhance your outfit. I tend to wear tailored yet simple outfits, so my jewelry plays a huge role in pulling my outfit together and often serves as the pop of color needed to make my outfit complete.

When it comes to hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces, my Kendra Scott earrings, rings and bracelets are my all-time favorite accessories. Not only are they brilliant and beautiful, but also wearable and dependable. What is dependable jewelry, you ask? It’s the kind of jewelry you can wear for any occasion and it always looks great.  Dependable means it’s the perfect finishing touch. Above is the Poppy Cocktail Ring in Salmon paired with the Grayce Statement Necklace in Crush, a press favorite.

I wore it to two recent events, the 1st Annual Military Gala by Liz Fields in San Antonio, and The Bachelorette Watch Party Benefiting Autism Speaks in Austin. The events were amazing and I got so many compliments about my Kendra Scott jewelry, it was crazy. The dome rings are always starting conversations! Above is the Poppy Cocktail Ring in Turquoise paired with Wren Earrings in Turquoise. LOVE.

Top Image: Kris Luck Images

My Apologies to Peep Toe Ankle Boots

I happily ragged on all forms of the peep toe ankle boot not too long ago. You can read my rantings in this post here. My friends and I shared a few good laughs about the Gucci-loving, Versace-wearing, Kardashian-embracing divas strutting around Lake Austin in those freaky flops.

Fall has brought with it some gorgeous boots and I’ve had time to adjust to this open-toe trend and … I’m liking it. The Deva by Louboutin, the Bootie by Weitzman, the Slouch from Anya. And me being the irony-loving weirdo I am, now own a pair of Peep Toe Mesh Ankle Boots. Yes, that’s right folks – I’m a liar and a fraud. I don’t love every style and I still think some of them look atrocious, but they’ve grown on me over time. (Kinda like bad wine or your husband.)


Fashion Alert: Erasing Eyebrows is Hip?

I’m surrendering to being a fashion “don’t” this year, because there’s no way I’ll ever erase my eyebrows.

According to a recent article in The New York Times, eyebrows are out. Mechanical is in. This year, the forehead is the perfect blank canvas for beauty. In NYC, fashion-forward men are bleaching them away and some women are shaving them off.  If they aren’t shaving them off, they are blocking them out with cosmetics. Forget buying a new bag or a hot pair of heels to spice up your wardrobe, just sport shown brows.

So you mean a few years ago when my husband (who shaves his head) was haphazardly shaving his face and cut off an eyebrow – that was fashionable? Poor guy! Had he known, he might not have felt so silly all those months he spent waiting for it to grow back.

And me? Well, I’m a brunette and the idea of lopping off my eyebrows in the name of fashion seems rather hasty. They help to define my facial features. Although I do have bangs, so you can’t see them that well anyway. Maybe I should! After all, these tough economic times are making us all more cutting-edge. (Excuse me, what?!?) Ah, yes…because eyebrows are so high maintenance.

How many times have I thought to myself, “I could save thousands of dollars a year if I just didn’t have to deal with my eyebrows. How I wish there was a way to avoid that costly habit.” I guess my prayers have been answered. Lather up!

Defining a Shoe: Flip Boot or Boot Flop


My wonderful friend, MissFitness, shared a funny story with me a few weeks ago. She was sunning and funning on a boat on Lake Travis during a holiday weekend, so the lake was packed with people. She spotted a very pretty girl in a metallic bikini with perfectly fixed hair, gorgeous make-up and so on. Yet this stylish gal was sporting some unusual kicks.

She was wearing a pair of Ankle Boot Sandals. Yes, now the hip, fashion-forward shoe is an open sandal/boot. That means your ankles can be warm and snuggly, yet your feet and toes are free to wiggle and roam. And what makes them even worse is the ridiculous price tag. No, just because half of the boot is missing does not lower the cost. I couldn’t find the exact style that girl was wearing, which is a bad indication. If you don’t  know which words to use to Google a pair of shoes, they are unsavory shoes to say the least. Scary!steve-madden

They even come in a few different forms, so you can wear them out on the town. Steve Madden has a pair (pictured above) and of course the upper echelon of footwear, like Christian Louboutin, makes them too. (Pictured below.) For $1,700 you can look like Pocahontas at a rave or part of the Lion King cast. Ah, fashion designers. What will you be serving up next?

Okay, enough of my fashion posts. I’ll get back to what I know – babies and motherhood. Promise!

Why You Will Be Wearing Leg Warmers

If you’re a child of the 1980s, like me, you’ve probably worn leg warmers. And you probably (secretly) loved them. I am 100% guilty. I luh-huvd leg warmers. I had a light blue pair that my grandmother knitted for me. They weren’t too thin and weren’t too thick. They were perfection. Then, for my birthday I got this great pink, gray and white wool sweater with – drum roll, please – matching leg warmers. It was like I had died and gone to heaven! I wore them once a week until I outgrew them. Over jeans, under skirts, in 90 degree weather. It didn’t matter, nothing would ruin my love of the warmer.

Well, I have to admit, part of me is kinda excited they’re making a comeback. I’m still undecided as to whether they look cool or stupid, but there’s a goofy kid with a bad perm and big bangs looming inside me that is dying to wear a pair.  Ah, the feel of itchy wool against the outside of your calf under your jeans. Priceless.

Lindsay Lohan of all people, figured this out somehow and launched her spin on it, the “Ankle Glove.” By the way, they instantly sold-out at Fred Segal. Seriously! Now it seems you can buy them online for $42. They are animal print and -hate to say it – maybe cute too? Maybe.

Even your tiny little non-Lindsay-like princess can wear them. Baby girls will most certainly be sporting some kind of leg warmer this fall. Baberoo makes 100% certified Organic Leggies for baby girls. They can be worn up to age 5. I must admit, these are CUTE! And you can change diapers in a snap!

Has the leg warmer been slimmed down and sassed up enough to see a happy rebirth? Better yet, will you be wearing them? I will..

Moms Meet the Maxi Dress

We’re seeing a growing trend in dresses and for once, the hemline is dropping instead of rising. The shorty short mini dress may be in high demand, but the Maxi Dress is rapidly gaining popularity. What could potentially look like something Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company wore, has been streamlined and sassed up.

The Maxi Dress is a long (ankle-length) frock that is usually flowy and often has an empire waist and a floral print. Embraced by big designers like Missoni, Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg, these dresses are creating quite a stir.

What’s good about this trend? If you want to hide a few parts, you’re in luck. It’s also easy to assemble – no mixing and matching separates. Just grab a necklace and some shoes and BAM! – you’re done. The downside? Don’t you have to be Heidi Klum to make something shapeless take form? Moms, what do you think about the Maxi Dress? Love it or leave it?