Keen on Aquamarine: 5 Fab Summer Finds for Baby Girl

I get hooked on colors every so often and can’t seem to shake it. While I was pregnant with my first child, I wore pink all of the time. I’m not even a big fan of pink, but I sure did love it for a while. What’s scary is I didn’t even notice I had an Aerosmith thing for pink (remember this video?) until I looked at my closet one day and was struck by a wave of pink, purple and fuchsia. I blame it on hormones. Today I find myself obsessed with aquamarine.  Blue water, blue skies and lazy, blue, summer days.

Sweet Ivy Swing Dress
This beautiful aqua-colored A-line dress has a little bit of lace peeking out from the bottom. The pintucked pleats, bow applique and hem details make it the perfect party dress for summer fun. It comes in toddler and youth sizes. Retails for $36 at Nordstrom.

Sweet Heart Rose Floral Dress
Striped, dotted, ruffled & more. This dress has it all! This sundress features a bright floral skirt and a lined bodice. Toddler sizes. Retails for $34 at Nordstrom.

Merrell “Flutterfly” Mary Jane Sneaker
It’s a dress shoe and a sneaker all in one. With grippy rubber soles and Air Cushion technology, these stylish shoes are the perfect choice for your oh-so-posh kiddo on the run.Retails for $45 at Nordstrom

Small Paul Ruffled Bodysuit
With ruffles at the neckline and puffy sleeves, this onesie is chic, comfy & cute. Oh, and don’t forget the Clever Julius screenprint. Find it at Nordstrom for $18 in infant sizes.

Little Maven Seersucker Dress
This dress if from Tori Spelling’s line of baby clothes. It’s the Seersucker Bow Dress and isn’t it sweet? Back button closure and fully lines. Retails for $38 at Nordstrom.

Wanna see more cute clothes? Check our my post about 5 Superbly Stylish Outfits for July 4th on Droolicious!

Miley Wears a Bodysuit because Gazillionaires don’t have to Wear Pants

Miley Cyrus is going through her bodysuit phase – just like Madonna, Britney, Beyonce, Gaga, Pink and Rihanna. Who really cares! I understand, she’s only 17 years old and maybe it’s not appropriate for a girl that age to dress so seductively. Plus, she’s a role model to a young generation of girls.

All of this in incredibly legit, but what people fail to realize is if you’re a superstar, you don’t have to wear pants. That’s pretty much the point. Pants are optional when you make a gazillion dollars. When female celebrities stop wearing pants, they are sending out a sign of success. As soon as you see MommyQ strutting around without pants, you’ll know I’ve made it big.

Is there more to debate here? Is Miley a teen dynamo who wants to shed her Disney-created, squeaky clean image? Of course. She wants the world to know she’s an independent tween.  It’s her party and she’ll cry if she wants to.  Is she making bad choices? Absolutely. Will the public forgive her? Minus the moms of impressionable young girls, uhm, yes. Until all of that happens, she’ll keep strutting her stuff in a form-fitting garment that covers the torso and not much more. Let’s talk about something just a tad more important now, okay?

Loving these Nude Pumps: A Lux Look for Less

First of all, you’re welcome. I know, I know. You’ve been searching all over the planet for the perfect nude pumps, but you aren’t Victoria Beckham and we aren’t living in 2008 anymore – money is tight. Maybe you just can’t rationalize spending $600-$1500 for a pair of killer Louboutins like you once did.  Maybe you just like designer stuff, but you’re a bargain-hunter at heart. Read on my savvy, stylish friend!

This is the pair of shoes that will save your soul. Or at least put a big smile on your face for a day or so. These are the ‘Caryssa’ Pumps from Steve Madden and they come in black and BLUSH PATENT. Oh yes! You know, blush is the new black this year.

Anyway, it retails for only $89 at Nordstrom in lots of sizes. I can speak from experience, it’s a comfortable shoe. You will frown at it in the store because it looks ridiculously painful, but it isn’t. In fact, I’ve worn them for hours at a time and never had to take them off, defeated by 5″ stiletto pain.

What’s great about these shoes is they work with everything – dresses, jeans, skirts, pants – for any occasion. And they go with every color. They go a long way towards giving you a lean look and stretching your profile (and your legs) sky-high. Get ready to get lots of compliments too. My best friend threatened my life over these shoes. Awe, she loves me that much. And if you’re really sad about missing out on the Louboutins (the real deal will cost ya $735 – pictured below), go get a small jar of red Apple Barrel and paint yourself silly.

Sensational MK Shoes on Sale

Get your shopaholic behinds on over to to find the coolest shoes on sale. That’s right, ladies! Nordstrom is having a huge shoe sale right this instant.

You can find these Michael Kors “Niki” Gladiator Sandals for $99. Not to shabby. They have a logo plate on the heel, an adjustable ankle strap and have a 5 1/4″ platform. Thanks to the platform, they only feel like 3 1/2″ high. Cake walk.

You can also snag free shipping on all orders over $200. Go ahead, get your shop on.

Happy Handbags: Rock Your Ruffle For Less

I’m in love with all of the fabulous ruffle/flower handbags. I’ve seen so many incredible options in every color under the rainbow. I haven’t bought one for myself yet, because I can’t find the perfect one. In my mind, one huge rose/ruffle purse is plenty, so it’s gotta be 100% perfection. I’m not planning on a shelf in my closet dedicated to ruffles. Well, not yet.


Take a look at how you can rock a ruffle for less. Pictured above you will find a stunning Valentino Rose Tote that retails for about $1600. You can find it at Saks. If you don’t happen to have almost $2k sitting around in your designer purse fund, do not fear! There are plenty of affordable options.


Here is a beautiful Rosette Hobo bag at Bebe. It comes in black or metallic and retails for $99 – $129. Not too shabby


You can also find a smaller version at Bebe. It’s the Rosette Crossbody Clutch and this lil’ beauty comes in two colors. It retails for $64 – $69.


Another option is the Big Buddha “Mia” Rose Dome Satchel. Wow, that’s a mouthful. You can find it in a shade of pale pink at Dillards for $88. I know it looks nude, but it says “pink.”


If you like the ruffles more than the flower, check out this tote from Steve Madden. It’s the Ruffle Satchel and it comes in three colors. It retails for $88. Happy shopping, ladies!

Think Pink on Valentine’s Day: Five Fab Gifts for Mom

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Have you found something smashing for your sweet? If not, here are a few sensational gift ideas for every mom – from fashionista to functional. (All but one are under $100.) Moms, if you see something you like on this list, just send the link to your hubby. Happy shopping!


PUMA Fitness Bag – Give her a sweet gift she can use. It’s big enough to tote gear, but not too bulky. One a few left at Zappos. Retails for $51.


Sephora Train Case – It’s gleaming, metallic pink with silver locks. Inner compartments to keep your gal’s primping favorites safe and organized. Find it at Sephora for $68.


Victoria’s Secret Terry Robe – It’s soft, comfy and even a little blingy. Pinky pink with fron pockets. Not sure why a robe needs pockets, but whatever! It retails for $50 at Victoria’s Secret.


Michael Kors Perfume Ring – Get your girlie a little slice of Kors heaven with this Very Hollywood Eau de Parfum Ring.  Totally red carpet-worthy for only $40 at Michael Kors.


Betsey Johnson Calandra – If your wife has a bit of a shoe fetish, treat her to a pair of frilly Mary Janes. She can wear these with party dresses or jeans – perfect for any occasion. Find them in every size at Zappos for $154.

Golden Globe Swag: What’s In The Bag?

As you probably know, Sunday is the Golden Globe awards. I’m sure the Red Carpet coverage will last for six hours before the event, so everyone can see the stars strut their stuff and answer silly questions in a spontaneous manner. On to the good stuff…

Wanna know what’s in the Golden Globe goody bag this year? Well, the bag is worth $500. (Doesn’t that seem low? Maybe Hollywood isn’t recession-proof after all.)

– A large Dooney & Bourke satchel
– Euphoria perfume by Calvin Klein
– L’Oreal cosmetics
– InStyle’s book, “The New Secrets of Style”

– Tumi duffle bag
– Euphoria for men
– A custom shirt by designer Alexander West
– A style book for guys

The Presenters Lounge backstage is an entirely different story. The artwork alone is worth $3 million. Yes, $3 mil in a room for stars to apply more lip gloss. Or Botox – whatever.  Read more at People.