Posh Blows $1.5M On Shopping Spree

Posh & Becks Shopping Spree

What happens when Posh needs more signature, over-sized shades? She hops over to Milan, Italy,  where her hot hubby plays soccer (on loan) and buys a new pair. Or twelve.

Rumor has it she bought a $700k Rolex watch (for Becks), an insane amount of handbags and 20 new pairs of 5-inch heels. In fact, the couture house of Dolce & Gabbana (or maybe it was Armani) on Via Montenapoleone closed so she could shop in private.Oh, you can add evening gowns, cocktails dresses and luxury luggage to the list too. On to the furniture. She picked up five bespoke sofas from Natuzzi. And two bespoke suits for Becks.

This should make you feel much better about your $100 splurge at Target. Wanna see a hot D&G shoe option? The one listed below retails for $995. Yummy!


The Fragrance Dance: A Sweet Smelling Mommy


MommyQ has been wearing the same perfume for about five years, so I decided to pick a new scent. Today I sniffed four horrible fragrances before I finally found two I liked. Is it wrong the coffee beans were the best smell by far? Anyway, I know my nose doesn’t always know. I had to ask the friendly salesperson her opinion a million times. Finally, I had two faves to choose from…

I really loved 212 by Carolina Herrera. It’s an off-beat, floral fragrance with musk undertones.  Too much musk makes me feel nauseous, so I am really careful about that component. 212 is fruity, fresh and timeless. It was a contender.

My second favorite was Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. It is a stunning scent that is fruity, floral and lively. I liked it a lot and could not decide. Finally, I sprayed one on one wrist and one on the other. I’m sure I reeked something fierce after I left. I would have no idea because my nose was on overdrive and I smelled nothing.

Anyhow, 212 was the winner. Now I stink of femininity and confidence. Awesome.

So readers, gimme some feedback! What is your favorite mommy fragrance? How long have you been wearing it? How often do you shop a new scent? Also, do you have a perfume for day and a different one for night? Do tell!