Cupcake Swirl Is A Sweet Escape

hostess-apronI was thumbing through Parents Magazine and spotted some cute cupcake toppers. When I went to the site, Cupcake Swirl, I was immediately in love. From adorable tea towels to retro-inspired aprons, Michelle serves up some yummy fun. In fact, those awesome aprons even make me want to cook or bake. Well, maybe a little bit.


There are lots of cute, tiny decorations to choose from, as well as cupcake liners and wrappers. It’s certainly worth a click or two! Hop on over to

I Heart Donuts. They Make Me Smiley Face.

Croissants are too uppity. Toast it too boring. English Muffins are too hard to split. Biscuits are too questionable. Donuts are just right. If you want me to be your friend for life, show up at my doorstep one weekend morning with hot donuts. Seriously, instant best friend!

I’ve loved donuts since I was a little kid. A trip to Krispy Kreme was something to behold. My husband and I are huge donut fans. Before he went on his recent health kick and lost a bunch of weight, we would eat donuts at least once a week. Shame, shame, shame! I won’t even say how many hot KK donuts I can eat in one sitting because it’s absurd.  And you can add two to that total if I have an ice cold glass of milk. Yummy!

My new favorite donut can be found at The Donut Hole. The chocolate iced is sinful. A new Dunkin’ Donut just opened shop nearby and I am not impressed. How can a fresh donut taste three days old? They always seem stale to me. Every couple of years I retry a DD and end up spitting it out after the first bite. Not worth the fat, calories and carbs. Sorry DD, you suck.

Why is MommyQ on a donut kick, you ask? Well, I stumbled across these adorable Frosted Donut Ornaments and just had to share. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to do your entire tree in donuts? Oh my gosh! That would be sweet, no pun intended. Make a mental note, “buy frosted donut ornaments for X-Mas tree.”