The Best of MommyQ: Vote for Barbies, Rush or Obama’s Jeans

It’s time to take a peek back in time and figure out which post deserves “The Best of MommyQ” title. From WeeGo bottles to knitted cupcakes to Autism, preggo celebrities and outlandish shopping centers, I’ve pretty much covered it all. As a favor to my readers, I never dive too far into the weird, scary or just downright depressing stories because I want MommyQ to be a place for relaxation and fun, not stress and sadness.

I’ve taken great joy in discussing meaningless dribble, like proclaiming my love for the CHI Flat Iron. Now it’s time for YOU to decide which blog post should win. Here is a list of my all-time favorite posts. Leave me a comment and vote for your fave!!!

7 Things Moms are Thankful For (Whether They Know It Or Not!)
I had a blast writing this post and was amazed at the rude feedback it got from moms who thought I was being totally serious. Duh?!?

Toy Nostalgia: Fashion Plates and Barbie’s Corvette
This post practically wrote itself! It captures some of the best memories I have from my childhood and got a tremendous amount of feedback from readers with similar funny stories about Barbies.

One Day My Babies Will Be Men
I think this post expresses the sheer panic all of us mommies encounter when we realize we’re raising men, not boys.

Excuse Me, Please Don’t Seat Us Near That Baby
No explanation needed for this one…

Retail Slump, Spoiled Kids and Rush Limbaugh
MommyQ was ridiculed by Rush Limbaugh. He said my real name and made fun of me. How can this post NOT be considered?

Elizabeth Adeney:Really? Come On.
This post was picked up on MSNBC and got about 1,000 views in 24 hours. It must be a good one.

Obama Wears (Gulp!) Dorky Denim
Again, people went totally bonkers on me about this one because they thought I was being literal. Sarcasm does not translate well online.

Again, please pick your favorite or top three faves and leave a comment. Thanks for your help!!! MQ

The Fragrance Dance: A Sweet Smelling Mommy


MommyQ has been wearing the same perfume for about five years, so I decided to pick a new scent. Today I sniffed four horrible fragrances before I finally found two I liked. Is it wrong the coffee beans were the best smell by far? Anyway, I know my nose doesn’t always know. I had to ask the friendly salesperson her opinion a million times. Finally, I had two faves to choose from…

I really loved 212 by Carolina Herrera. It’s an off-beat, floral fragrance with musk undertones.  Too much musk makes me feel nauseous, so I am really careful about that component. 212 is fruity, fresh and timeless. It was a contender.

My second favorite was Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. It is a stunning scent that is fruity, floral and lively. I liked it a lot and could not decide. Finally, I sprayed one on one wrist and one on the other. I’m sure I reeked something fierce after I left. I would have no idea because my nose was on overdrive and I smelled nothing.

Anyhow, 212 was the winner. Now I stink of femininity and confidence. Awesome.

So readers, gimme some feedback! What is your favorite mommy fragrance? How long have you been wearing it? How often do you shop a new scent? Also, do you have a perfume for day and a different one for night? Do tell!

Fun Feedback: Flinging the Personal Insults

It’s always amusing to receive comments from readers who do not agree with my opinions. While the positive comments are wonderful and reassuring, the negative ones are certainly worth mentioning. What’s great about negative comments is they often end or begin with a personal insult. And being that these insults are from total strangers, they are even more entertaining. Here are a few of my favorites:

“You must be in bad shape and most likely fat.”

“You better believe I wear tights, mock me all you want, but I’ll be mocking your cold chicken legs right on back.”

“Are you a cynic? I pity your family if they have a positive outlook on life.”

I hate to burst all of your bubbles, but I’m actually not in bad shape or fat, I don’t have chicken legs (even when they’re cold) and my family is just as cynical as I am. That being said, I appreciate your honesty and taking the time to respond. Your scathing comical comments are just peachy-keen with me.