Project Runway: Who’s Getting Auf’d Tonight?


Well, nobody actually.

Tonight is The Finale Part I of Project Runway and I’m so excited. This has been an interesting season, but not due to the contestants. I actually think there isn’t enough drama between them this season. Other than the tiny amount of tension between Irina and Althea because of an enormous sweater thingy, it’s been pretty ho-hum. I think the most interesting element has been the harsh judging. And the fact that Lindsay Lohan was like the worst, most ironic guest-judge of all times. I believe she questioned a designer’s “taste” and that is hilarious.

I’m a fan of Carol Hannah because I love her design aesthetic and her sweet personality. Not to mention she can sew a dress that fits like a glove – flawless execution! Tonight Rebecca Romijn will be the guest judge. I LOVE it when models are guests like last week when Cindy Crawford joined the panel. I am always amazed when someone’s beauty can stand up to Heidi because she is just so gorgeous.


I love Tim Gunn and Michael Kors still has the best one-liners. If you wanna own something cool from Mr. Kors, yet don’t want to spend a fortune, check out this little gem. It’s the Very Hollywood Eau de Parfum Ring and isn’t it a great gift for the holidays? You can find it for $40 at Michael Kors.

LC Launches Ho-Hum Collection at Kohl’s


In my opinion, you’re either a fan of LC (Lauren Conrad) or you’re not. When I first started watching The Hills, I thought she became more likable as the show progressed, but I was never overly impressed with her sense of style. Maybe it’s because my attention was always being diverted to Kristen and her catty ways. I love watching spoiled, rich, divas be bitchy to each other. And the fact that they were graduating high school – so amusing.

LC emerged from The Hills as a budding fashion designer. She “designed” her first collection that was supposed to be rather pricey, but I don’t think it really took off. Now she is unveiling a ready-to-wear line at Kohl’s department stores. Speaking of Kohl’s, did you know Vera Wang has a line there called ‘Simply Vera’…

You can see LC’s collection at Kohl’s online by clicking here. I’m not being mean because I don’t have a line of clothes for sale, but I’d say this stuff is rather ho-hum. Where are the cool hobo bags and the chunky belts and the rompers and the bright colors? What about mini dress? I get that it’s supposed to wearable, but a cami and two cardigan sweaters? How hard is that to design? Again, not being mean…just wondering.