The Funkiest Baby Mobiles Around…

Yes, this blog post is about baby mobiles. Come on, you know it’s a very important component of every nursery. With fun colors, spunky characters and sweet songs, you’d probably sleep better if one was hanging over your bed too.

Cirque du Soleil Acrobalu Mobile – Guess what the inspiration for this little number is? Daring and delightful, this whimsical mobile plays “Alegria,” to help dreams take flight. BabyEarth $50

Twittering Mobile – This little wooden number by Haba is a sweet tweet. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)  Five colorful Birds of Paradise flutter through the sky, making this unique mobile an understated favorite. BabyEarth $41

Symphony-In-Motion Mobile – It’s a whirlwind of craziness that babies just love! The visuals, movements and spacial relations keeps baby entertained and happy. Target $40

Cocalo Couture Bali Mobile – Maybe it’s a huge hit because of the cool color scheme or the artistic design. Either way, this is a popular baby mobile this season. The mobile arm is covered in funky & fun animal print. Cat naps commence! BabyEarth $60

Butterflies Mobile – Gorgeous butterfly mobile is really a magical site. Pottery Barn $80