Hi. I’m Your Baby, and I Want this Stuff for Christmas.

I’m the sweet, innocent, adorable little light of your life – your princess – and I have needs. Just like you, I desire the finer things in life. A nice crib to yell in. Gourmet foods to spit up. Soft diapers to poop in. Plush friends to boss around. Miracle creams. So this holiday season, here’s my list of demands suggestions that might make me smile. Then spit up.

Dress me in designer duds. My drooling babbling classmates look up to me as a fashion icon. I may be small in stature, but my sense of style is revered throughout the block and possibly the neighborhood. Play dates call for something sporty yet comfortable like this Juicy Couture Baby Velour Tracksuit. It’s only $98. I’m really fond of this Gucci Baby Sneaker for $228. I can already envision quietly taking one off while I’m in the stroller and losing it the very first time I wear it. Fun! And when it gets chilly outside, please keep my tiny feet warm in $50 Baby Erin UGG Boot – pink, of course.

When it comes to the nursery, I’d like Bratt Decor furniture because that’s what J.Lo’s twins have in their room and I’m so much better than they are. Even combined. I want the Chelsea Sleigh Bed and that’s about $1,500. But don’t worry, if there’s ever a huge winter storm and we get snowed in, I can lead us all to safety in my bed. The Discovery channel swears this will happen in the next 100 years. And don’t you dare sleep me on a normal crib mattress. I need a $999 Natural Mat, just like Halle Berry’s kid has – because it’s eco-something. Best of all, it looks like the inside of a Snackwell Cookie. Mmmm…cookies.

We all know German engineering is best. That’s why I’d like a mountain of Baby Dior Silicone Pacifiers. They’re only $45 each. I will lose one every on the hour for about three days. Then I’ll have a whole bunch to play with and then – POOF! – they’ll all disappear again. I’d love to tell you how I perform this trick, but then I’d have to kill you. Sorry. I also need quite a few Baby Dior Crown Baby Bottles – anything with a princess crest on it, you know.  It’s odd that you’re paying $45 for a plastic bottle that isn’t labeled BPA-free. It’s not even glass. Oh, I get it. Ha-ha. Those Germans crack me up.

If you must carry a diaper bag, please don’t make me cry by toting a Looney Tunes monstrosity. You may choose a Petunia Pickle Bottom Chocolate Cherry Cake Society Satchel because the name totally defines everything I love. Chocolate, cherry, cake, society and well…okay not satchel, but you get what I’m saying. This is the only bag I’d like to be seen with, especially in the mall where I might run into one of my cronies/friends/enemies, so just deal with it. Oh, it’s $325.

Let’s see where we stand, shall we? I’m just a baby so my math may be off, but it seems like your grand total is $2.1 million. Okay, now let’s discuss the thread count of my blanky…

If your baby could make a ‘Wish List’ this holiday season, what would it be?

Hollywood Baby Bump Radar: Baby Trend Predictions for 2009

Is Jennifer Aniston really pregnant? Who cares! Let’s talk about real baby bumps in Hollywood. Topping the list of celebrities with baby bumps are Rebecca Romijn, Julie Bowen, Ashlee Simpson and Niki Taylor.

Romijn, the gorgeous 36-year-old model/actress formerly married to Full House star, John Stamos, is expecting twins this winter with actor Jerry O’Connell. She told Page Six magazine, “I have not been without a bra this entire pregnancy. I refuse. I’m not taking any chances. I’m determined to keep the puppies up!” Poor sweet girl. Someone needs to tell this perfectly plump mom-to-be that breastfeeding, while great for the bambinos, is no friend to the breasts no matter how many miracles your Victoria’s Secret bra may perform. Get to know your new best friend, saline.

Bowen, best known for her roles on ‘Boston Legal’ and ‘Lost’ is expecting again according to People magazine. She had her first son, Oliver, in April 2007. I loved her recent guest appearance as Denise on BL last week. She’s quite the clever seductress. My advice in preparing for baby number two would be, buy a great tandem stroller (or tantrum stroller, as I call it) and prepare to meet your new mortal enemy, muffin top.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Jessica Simpson’s little sis and wife to rocker Peter Wentz, is about to deliver any minute. Even as I type she could be in labor. Wow, that’s real news. The former jig-dancer would also like to make some big lifestyle changes, like becoming a vegetarian. Nope, scratch that – sorry, a Canadian?  “She’s hot all the time,” said Wentz on the Ryan Seacrest show last week. “She’s like ‘I wish I was in Canada right now.’ Our room temperature is set to, like, 34 degrees. It’s insane!” Eh?

Supermodel Niki Taylor and her NASCAR hubby, Burney Lamar, are expecting a baby in March 2009. Niki has 13-year-old twins, Jake and Hunter. Since Burney is a Nationwide driver, I can tell you a name he absolutely won’t choose for his new baby, Kyle. Here’s another one, Busch. I can also tell you they won’t be decorating the nursery with a M&M theme. Luckily for Burney, he joins Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon in the elite ‘drivers with hot wives club’ without even being a Sprint Cup driver. Now that’s a victory!

MommyQ’s Hollywood baby trend predictions for 2009? The Bugaboo will reclaim its spot as the number one stroller, bumping off the outta-this-world Orbit. Blessed babes will sleep in cribs that cost more than your summer wardrobe and celeb moms will continue to dress their little fashionistas in eco-wear, like this $92 Angel sweater and designer duds like these $195 Prada toddler shoes. Not to mention, Hollywood mamas will be out & about in $238 William Rast jeans, a size 25 please, only weeks after giving birth. Making you feel like wearing this.

Why so Ga-Ga over Celebrity Babies?

Babies, babies and more babies grace the inside pages of People Magazine. My guess is, it’s one of the hottest issues of the year. And not because of Sarah Palin, although she’s very interesting indeed. It’s because these aren’t normal babies, they are celebrity babies! Which leads me to a simple question, why are we so doggone OBSESSED with celebrities and their babies and their baby bumps?

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a non-celebrity life, so it must be extra-special when it’s a famous belly growing.  No matter who you are, if you’ve had a baby you’ve experienced the same life-changing event – a birth! That similar momentous experience makes you feel a connection to someone famous.

Let’s take, Angelina Jolie-Pitt, for instance. She had her twins via c-section so she went through everything all c-section moms did like the scary long needle in the back, the creepy tingling toes, the weird pulling and tugging sensations, the BIG final push so kindly referred to as “pressure,” meeting your baby for the first time with your organs sitting next to you on a table and the sewing-up job that seems to leave you stranded there for eternity. So yea, I could say Angelina and I have something in common. Does that makes us friends? No. But we have a distant connection. And I think most people want to feel a connection and they act on it by mimicking purchases.  Orbit, Ergo, Q Collection Junior, Bratt Decor a la J.Lo and so on….

Doesn’t mom get a secret thrill saying matter-of-factly to her friend, “I have a stroller like Tori” or “a Bumble Bag like Reese” or “a Britax like Donald Trump’s kid…” People just embrace it. It somehow makes us all even. See, we’re all special folks. Awe…