Snack Ball-A-Day Giveaway on Babble!

MommyQ is happy to announce a special giveaway on Babble. Ever wonder what all the fuss is about over these cute little snack orbs? Find out for yourself by winning one…

Click here to visit and read about the Snack Ball-A-Day giveaway. You simply email your name and email address to enter. We’re giving away five total, one-a-day, until Sunday, January 18th. Enter today!

My First Giveaway: Smorgasbord of Stuff

Looking for a way to avoid bumps on the noggin? Need a cute monkey blanket? (Who doesn’t!) Shopping for sleek sophisticated nursery furniture? Or maybe a bathing suit for a little princess? It seems like baby always needs something. Wouldn’t it be nice if something was cool AND free?

To kick off 2009 with a bang, MommyQ is entering the wild world of giveaways. I’m so excited! My first item up for grabs is one of my most favorite baby products EVER.  I’ve blogged about it and bought lots of them. I am so excited to give moms the chance to get one for FREE! Here’s a clue….Boon.

Do you know what it is? Leave me a comment with your guess and you could win the first one! I’m giving away seven total starting next week. Make sure you enter your email address so I can get in touch with you if you win. Let the chaos begin!

Tasty Boon Baby Gifts Under $10

Boon is a brand that puts the “oooooh” in baby products. When it comes to mealtime fun, it’s hard to beat the one-of-a-kind modern design Boon brings to the table. ‘Tis the season to start thinking about gift ideas and we all know shopping for small children can be difficult. If you’re looking for fun and functional goodies under $10, MommyQ thinks Boon will make you swoon.

#1 – The Fluid No-Spill Toddler Cup – This is possibly the coolest sippy cup on the planet. The unique shape makes it easy to grasp, even for little hands and fingers. It’s BPA-free too. $6.00

#2 – The Snack Ball – How can a little orb with treats inside be so darn cute? I don’t know, but it is. Comes in orange and pink. $6.50

#3 – Squirt Food Dispensing Spoon – It may look a bit crazy, but most moms think it works like a charm. Two words come to mind, “less mess!” $8.00

#4 – ModWare Toddler Utensils – Have you ever seen such a funky fork & spoon? Do they make a set that serves 12? Comfort-grip handles, dishwasher safe and PVC free. $5.00

#5 – Catch Bowl – It’s like this bowl has a built-in mommy – a spill catcher. The special piece extends towards the child to make sure potentially runaway spills find their way back into the bowl. $7.00

NOTE: Leafy green goodness! According to the Boon website, all of the above items are BPA-free and PVC-free.

(You can also find lots of other Boon goodies over $10 at BabyEarth. Just for fun, check out this $500 beauty, the Bloom Fresco High Chair. Who buys this anyway? Seriously, if you own this high chair, please let me know. I mean, really?)