MommyQ Getting A Makeover


It’s official! MommyQ will be getting a makeover in 2010. Well, not really a makeover. It’s more like a bloggy face lift.

I’ve discovered that I have a variety of audiences who like different parts of my blog. Some of my mommy friends are all about the baby gear and children’s clothes, while others are only interested in the eco-friendly finds. And then there’s my favorite audience – the gossipmongers! Believe it or not, some of my readers just want to dish about celebs and indulge into my mommy musings. How fabulous!

You will no longer have to scroll and scroll and scroll. (Of course, you can just use the “search” box to find what you want.) Topics will be listed in nice little categories on the homepage. MommyQ is getting organized in ’10.

I don’t know exactly when the makeover will take place, but I’ll keep you posted. If there are any topics you want to see more of or less of, now is the time to leave a comment!

In Life, Sometimes You Just Don’t Feel It

It’s a mixed blessing to be a professional writer. Most of the time, I enjoy writing immensely. It’s a release that allows me to express a tiny percentage of the random thoughts floating through my brain at any given moment. Yet, there are times when typing a quick, lighthearted blog post is an impossible task.

My friends and family have been suffering some devastating losses recently and my desire to write about pricey baby clothes, upscale baby gear and the like has been greatly diminished as a result. When life hands you lemons, sometimes making lemonade is the last thing on your mind. It doesn’t really heal or help true pain. The only thing that helps is the passing of time.

My heart goes out to my friends and family members who are suffering right now. Whether it’s the loss of a life that didn’t last nearly long enough or worrying about a life that may be cut short or mourning a full life that met a tragic end – I am sorry for you all.

MommyQ is taking a short mental vacation to mend, prioritize, re-examine and reflect.  I’m sure my goofball perspective on motherhood, my fascination for animal print everything and my cynical wit will return quickly. Let’s just say, I’m not feeling it at the moment. And I would never want to be a faker. Peace out for now…

$20.09 for 20 Days Challenge: A Lesson in Food and Life


Last week, MommyQ came across an interesting story about a college student at University of Texas who is trying to prove that $20 is a decent amount of money. David Lee, a senior at UT and an advertising major, decided to see if he could exist on $20 worth of food for 20 days. He got the idea from a contest being hosted by UFCU (University Federal Credit Union), ‘What Can You Do With $20.09?

First, the serious…

I blogged about David’s quest to survive on $20 on Strollerderby and the responses were a bit more controversial than I anticipated. Obviously, in this economy everyone is feeling serious financial pressure.  To make a long story short, readers were upset that David was feigning to be poor to prove a point.  Quick to respond, David eloquently restated his reasons for doing the challenge. He was surprised that his actions were offending anyone and he apologized for any misunderstandings. (I encourage you to read the original post and comment!)

As someone who has been a member of blogosphere for almost two years, I understand David’s surprise. I have blogged about seemingly harmless topics like Jennifer Aniston and President Obama’s ‘dad’ jeans and have been berated by readers for my opinions. As David states on his blog, “I wonder what positive influence this challenge will have in my life…” He has certainly learned more lessons beyond what $20 can buy you in the grocery store. He has learned the lesson every blogger quickly learns, personal opinions are plentiful and people love to disagree.

Second, the fun…

I applaud David for his idea to survive on $20 for 20 days and think the results are quite positive. Today, many of us withdraw a $20 bill from the ATM and feel like it is chump change. He has shown us that with some ingenuity and help from his online community, he can make the most out of it. The rules he made for himself are clever, like he cannot accept free food from people, but he can eat free samples. If a question comes up about rules, he lets his readers decide. His blog journaling his cheap foodie adventure is funny and entertaining.

The average person seems to think this challenge isn’t challenging. I think those people are a bit delusional. They seem to think Ramen noodles is the answer. Let me say this, the notion of living on only Ramen noodles for 20 days is totally absurd, not to mention unhealthy. David isn’t sitting around eating junk food either. He’s trying to be healthy too and that in itself is quite courageous.  He has four days left and I wish him all the best.

Fun Feedback: Flinging the Personal Insults

It’s always amusing to receive comments from readers who do not agree with my opinions. While the positive comments are wonderful and reassuring, the negative ones are certainly worth mentioning. What’s great about negative comments is they often end or begin with a personal insult. And being that these insults are from total strangers, they are even more entertaining. Here are a few of my favorites:

“You must be in bad shape and most likely fat.”

“You better believe I wear tights, mock me all you want, but I’ll be mocking your cold chicken legs right on back.”

“Are you a cynic? I pity your family if they have a positive outlook on life.”

I hate to burst all of your bubbles, but I’m actually not in bad shape or fat, I don’t have chicken legs (even when they’re cold) and my family is just as cynical as I am. That being said, I appreciate your honesty and taking the time to respond. Your scathing comical comments are just peachy-keen with me.

Do Not Fret, MommyQ is Still Here!

I feel so bad that I haven’t been updating MommyQ with the gusto I normally exhibit. My apologies! My blog is being redesigned and we ran into a few delays. No harm, no foul. The new site will look absolutely beautiful and I’ve been saving all of my posts for the new site. It’s like plastic surgery….I’m just waiting for the bandages to come off. Then we will all bask in MommyQ’s new-found glory. Stay tuned…