25 Ways to Countdown Christmas: Babble Advent List

The Babble Best Holiday Advent List is live for 2010! You can see 25 different amazing Advents for the holidays, divided into five categories. I was the lucky one who helped pull this list together and let me tell you, it is AWESOME!

Feeling splurgy? Check out the $1 million Advent from Porsche. Looking for an eco-friendly Advent this year? Take a look at all of the beautifully crafted Advents from the most creative Etsy sellers ever! The categories are Luxury, Traditional, Modern, Candy and DIY. You’d better get started because these cute Advents gotta be ready to go on December 1st! Here’s a little taste:

Rejoice in Fabric-Covered Buttons!

I came across these buttons on Etsy and they are just so amazing! I love the colors and the uniqueness and especially the price. $6 for a set! Any crafty mom will lose her mind over these. I don’t scrapbook, but I hear you can incorporate these kinds of cute goodies into it. (Not sure how that works. Someone wanna explain?) If you like to sew, I bet you can do great things with them. I don’t really sew either….

Anyway, take a look at all of them over on Droolicious where you can see the full post.

Fine Art Giveaway: Modern Prints for the Modern Nursery


I like to keep mommies in the loop about cool baby stuff, so I have to blog about a great giveaway happening over at Droolicious on Babble.com.

An online gallery featuring customizable fine art, Gallery Direct, is giving away two contemporary pieces that would look great in a nursery or child’s room. Both paintings will be a Canvas Gallery Wrap, which means the image wraps all the way around the edges of the mounted canvas, so you can hang them with or without a frame. Each piece measures 30 x 30 and will be shipped to you free of charge. Retail value for the pair is $400!

Click here to go to Droolicious and find out how to register. Good luck! Again, here is the pair but they won’t be framed.


Sheep Launcher for iPhone: Hilarity!

sheep_launchMommyQ is in love with a hilariously simple game for iPhone called Sheep Launcher Free. My hubby, DaddyQ, downloaded this entertaining game on his iPhone and when he showed it to my kids, they went bonkers. The game is quite simple, yet quite contagious and amusing. Your goal is launch the sheep as high into the stratosphere as you can by tapping him before he “falls” off the screen.

The sound he makes at blast off sends my kids into hysterics. And when they laugh like that, we laugh too! My four-year-old plays it by himself and thinks it’s just great. After the kids go to bed, my hubby and I play it too. I think the best part is the old fashioned helmet. That is such a clever twist.

You can read more about it and download it here. I guess I’m just a sucker for a flying sheep. Read about it on Droolicious here.


Droolicious: Cool Things for Baby

Sorry it’s been a little while between posts. MommyQ and DaddyQ took a much-needed vacation before the Back-To-School season officially begins. Good friends, great food, lots of laughs and meaningful moments. In other words, perfection.

As some of my readers may know, I also write for Babble’s unique blog about baby products, Droolicious. Yes, the team at Drool is always seeking out the most fabulous baby items in town. If you haven’t been, take a few minutes to visit. You will love it! Here are a few things to whet your shopping whistle…


If this Denim Military Jacket doesn’t make you want to grab a glittery, white glove… Oh, yes! Toddlers and preschoolers (and their folks) are grabbing up this iconic jacket like crazy! Check it out here!

magnetic-kitchen-bottlesSweet & sour wooden condiments for your little chef! Yes, thanks to Melissa & Doug pretend kitchen food just gets cuter and safer. Check it out here!

simple-stencilI’m so impressed with this cool idea, the Simple Stencil. It allows you to create one-of-a-kind stencils for any room and the utensils make it easy peasy. Find out how you can stencil like a pro!


It’s amazing how cute babies look with a set of animal ears! I know, I know. Hard to resist this soft, cuddly, sweet goody! If you want to grab this coat, I suggest buying it sooner rather than later. It will certainly sell out by the end of Fall. Happy shopping!

A Laugh for the Day…

While it may seem like I’m addicted to Facebook like everyone else, I’m not. I use it for business purposes too like promoting my MommyQ blog and the blogging I do for Droolicious on Babble.com.

Anyway, when I post items to my profile sometimes I quickly scan my home page to see what’s going on. I was scanning it today and noticed a very popular photographer in Austin TX,  John Langford, was having a special promotion. His ad read, “Get a New Photo & Get Noticed.” In my haste, I read it as, “Get a Nude Photo & Get Naked.”

Needless to say, I was like, “what in the world???” As soon as I re-read it, I laughed and laughed. MommyQ  hopes you got a giggle out of my “mind in the gutter” moment! 🙂 If you want to take advantage of John’s “new” photo promotion, check it out on Facebook!

Meet the C-Panty: After Cesarean Undies

cpanty1If you’ve had a c-section, you know exactly how difficult those first weeks after surgery can be. In addition to the wacky hormones, helpless newborn and post-delivery fatigue, you have this brand new incision to worry about.

Enter C-Panty! I’ve seen a lot of “new” baby and maternity products over the years, but this one is really top-notch. It is a panty designed specifically for post cesarean use. Instead of wearing those big, mesh, hospital-issued boy shorts or granny panties, you can wear these. They have special panels and a silicone layer to protect and support your new scar during healing.

Hop over to Droolicious (a Babble blog) to read more about the C-Panty. Now that’s one smart pair of undies! If you have mom friends with a c-section on the calendar, make sure you send them a link to this post!