First Pair of Cowboy Boots: Yeehaw, Ariat

It’s rather shocking to think I’ve lived in Texas for over 12 years and I don’t own a pair of cowboy boots. I may be from Virginia, but I’m just not a cowgirl. I’d describe myself as more of a misguided East Coast, West End girl. (Thanks for the validation, Pet Shop Boys.)

What’s even more absurd is until last night, my boys didn’t own a real pair of cowboy boots either. Over the years they’ve had plenty of Western themed parties and events, but I’ve just never felt compelled to get the whole ensemble. Now at the ages of seven and four, they were more than ready to pick out a pair of cowboy kicks. We took them to Cavender’s and they had a blast choosing the most awesome pairs of Ariat boots. My young buckaroo went for the tan and purple (yes, real men wear purple boots), and my older son got the same style with red. The gal who helped us find the “perfect” boots was really sweet and helpful.

What’s funny about shopping for cowboy boots in Austin? Walking through the parking lot, I noticed a huge pickup truck with gun racks and rims parked next to a Prius. Lol. Austin – home of the eco-friendly cowboy.

Cuteness Overkill: 5 Fab Finds for Sassy Girls

I haven’t drooled over stuff for little girls in a  while, so I feel it’s time to identify some super-duper cute things. Remember, I’m a prissy mom of two boys. Indulge me, okay? Plus, I’m including cute stuff from Etsy and nobody can gripe about that.

Dagmar Daley Vintage Bathing Suit
$58 at Arte Bebe
Get a load of this vintage bathing suit. Is this adorable or what! No, that wasn’t actually a question. It comes in sizes 18 mos up to 4 years.

Misha Lulu ‘I Love NY’ Dress
$58 at Arte Bebe
This amazing tank dress will certainly make anyone who sees it crack a smile. It’s full of whimsy and nifty fabrics – perfect for a summer party! This dress runs small, so order one size larger.

Mini Boden Patchwork Applique Tee
$30 at Nordstrom
It’s pink and it features a hen or is that a rooster? Either way, it’s cute and funny.

Lovely Ladybug Bodysuit$22 at Etsy Shop Peaceloveandkids
What beats a handmade, stunningly simple bodysuit featuring a sweet ladybug and fluttery wings? Answer: Nothing.  Anyone with a baby girl up to 24 months is a lucky winner.

Sea Glass Tank $28 at Etsy Shop bchildrenswear
I love this whimsical tank with stitched blue squares cascading down the front. It’s a soft American Apperal tank with hand-stitching – with love – for girls size 2T – 6Y.

Toddler Clothes Fix: 3 Fab Cardigans for Girls, 2 Cute Finds for Boys

Girls Toddler Clothes

Stuck in another Shopaholic Mommy phase? Well, here’s a toddler clothes fix for you that will carry your fashionable tot from winter into spring. Believe it or not, I may be a cardigan sweater cynic, but I’ve found three cardigans for little girls that I just love. And since I can’t omit my boys, I’ve found a few cute pics for the lil’ man too.

How much fun is the nifty cardigan pictured above? Your little girl can hop into spring with this adorable and playful lightweight zip-up sweater. The Takeout Stripe & Ruffle Cardigan features bold stripes and a splash of contrasting orange details. It’s available at Nordstrom for $25.

Toddler Clothes Boys

I’m a sucker for toddler clothes with attitude. How cool is this double sleeve tee from Gymboree? It has cut-out applique letters that say it all – “Man of Your Dreams” – and isn’t that just perfect. Luckily this shirt doesn’t come in adult sizes or my husband would want one too. Ha! It retails for $16.95.

Toddler Clothes Girls

Believe it or not, I’ve found another swoon-worthy cardigan sweater. This is just as lovely as can be. It’s the Corsage Cardigan from Gymboree and isn’t it a beauty? It features features ruched sleeves and a sweet flower corsage. Comfy cotton offers extra easy wear. New for Spring $35!

Toddler Clothes Boys

I have to say, I really like this Bad Hair Day shirt t for a toddler. These goofy little character shirts get too babyish for bigger kids, but this one makes me laugh. My kids wake up sometimes and I can’t fix their bedhead for the life of me. This would be the perfect shirt for those days. Find it at Gymboree for $10.

Girls Toddler Cardigan

I’m loving this super-comfy knit Heather Gray Cardigan. I love the ruffle details and the satin tie in the front. It’s the perfect color and fabric weight for any little girl on the go. I think this could be a favorite for mom since it’s the perfect accessory for chilly days. Find it in a ton of sizes at Chasing Fireflies for $48.

Which one is your fave???

On the Heels of Halloween: Girl’s Fairy Tee

It’s always sad when Halloween ends. The neighbors take down the 12-foot-tall, inflatable, black cat. The pumpkins find their way into a pie or possible just a big trashcan and the candy wrappers pile up. My kids frown when they drive by homes at night and don’t see any orange lights on the porches. Yes, the scary fun is over.

Girls' fairy tee shirt

There’s still some magic in the air as Thanksgiving and Christmas are near. And that’s why I just love this Golden Fairy Tee and Glitter Dragonfly Wings from Chasing Fireflies. It’s festive, but in a subtle kind of way. (It’s far less subtle than my son running around in his Buzz Lightyear pack with wings and flashing lights.)  I think this Fairy Tee is pretty and special. Wouldn’t that be a great outfit for little girls in their holiday cards? I’m all for anything that isn’t green and red. Did I mention I’d like one of these myself? 😉

J. Crew Makes Kid’s Clothes Super Fun

J. Crew kid's clothes

I’m not sure where I’ve been, but this is the first time I’ve ever received a CrewCuts catalog from J. Crew. This catalog features their kid’s collection for youngsters in sizes 2-14. I’ve gotta say, this is one of the most intriguing catalogs ever. Yes, I realize I used the word “intriguing” to describe it. The photography is stunning. It’s just so fresh and clean, it’s impossible not to flip through every page. Trust me, I get a bazillion catalogs in the mail as a mom blogger, but this one of the few I actually sit down a read. (This is NOT a aid advertisement either.)

The looks are cute and the clothes stand alone, even when they aren’t in the ultra-hip outfit on a super-cute child. Take a look:

girl's top with bow

I love the girl’s vintage bow tee with the silky, drapey bow on the shoulder.

girl's shimmer dress
This glam little shimmer top dress is so cute. Wish it came in my size!

boy's dress pants

My boys rarely dress up, but if they did more often, I’d love to see them sporting these cool poplin Bowery pants.

silver sneakers for boys

In addition to the clothes, Crewcuts has some rad shoes. Get a load of these metallic sneakers for boys. Love!

Major Cuteness: 3 Rachel Zoe Worthy Coats for Girls

Rachel Zoe Style

I started watching the Rachel Zoe Project this season and it took me a while to get into it. Now, I’m a fan. There’s something about Rachel that is endearing and the more you watch her, the more you like her. Yes, she could stand to eat a few thousand PB&J sandwiches and yes, she’s rather obsessed with clothes, but she’s a riot. I love the fact that such a tiny person is so into huge coats! It’s just amazing to me that coats seem to be her number one obsession. Which leads me to my latest post. If Rachel Zoe were a toddler, I think she’d wear these 3 fab coats.

Faux Fur Jacket for Little Girls

I’m not sure what you can say about this cute Faux Fur jacket for little girls other than “bananas” – sorry Rachel Zoe, I had to steal that one from you for this jacket. Yes, this is a mini, cropped, faux fur jacket for toddlers and little girls.  A Peter Pan collar, elbow-length sleeves and one button closure. Retails for $38.

If you’re not into faux fur, how about a little bolero jacket? I think Rachel might even be able to fit into these youth sizes. A flower, a ruffle collar and cap sleeves. It even comes in multiple colors like black, gold, silver and white. Shiny satin has never looked so sweet. Retails for $52.

Elodie and Elvis Coat

Get a load of this wonderful Elodie & Elvis ‘FerrisWheel’ wool blend coat. This coat even has a special roll-up wrist cuff, so it can grow with your stylish child. It’s made by a designer in Australia and right now only 4 of these coats are in stock. I think Rachel would appreciate the uniqueness of this beauty. You know how she loves her vintage traesures. It reatils for $270 in Australian Dollars.

Win $250 by Voting for the Cutest Fan Outfit!

Dressing up little kids is so much fun, especially for sporting events. Unlike adults, they look really adorable in crazy, bright, bold wacky fan gear. Sorry, I just can’t get over grown men in football jerseys and burly biker dudes in Kasey Kahne shirts.

Anyway, in honor of the M&M’S Most Colorful Fans of NASCAR Contest, you have a chance to win a $250 Visa Gift card by simply picking your favorite kiddo outfit. Celebrate mini fandom and win. It’s that easy! Choose a yellow Kyle Busch outfit for a little girl, a red and white Tony Stewart option for little boys or the sporty Jeff Gordon ensemble for girls (pictured above).

I put together three cute outfits that you can see and if you vote for your favorite by leaving a comment, you have entered to win. Think about how much cool fan gear you can snag with a $250 gift card. Lots and lots. Hop over to Babble and cast your vote today!