Droolicious: Cool Things for Baby

Sorry it’s been a little while between posts. MommyQ and DaddyQ took a much-needed vacation before the Back-To-School season officially begins. Good friends, great food, lots of laughs and meaningful moments. In other words, perfection.

As some of my readers may know, I also write for Babble’s unique blog about baby products, Droolicious. Yes, the team at Drool is always seeking out the most fabulous baby items in town. If you haven’t been, take a few minutes to visit. You will love it! Here are a few things to whet your shopping whistle…


If this Denim Military Jacket doesn’t make you want to grab a glittery, white glove… Oh, yes! Toddlers and preschoolers (and their folks) are grabbing up this iconic jacket like crazy! Check it out here!

magnetic-kitchen-bottlesSweet & sour wooden condiments for your little chef! Yes, thanks to Melissa & Doug pretend kitchen food just gets cuter and safer. Check it out here!

simple-stencilI’m so impressed with this cool idea, the Simple Stencil. It allows you to create one-of-a-kind stencils for any room and the utensils make it easy peasy. Find out how you can stencil like a pro!


It’s amazing how cute babies look with a set of animal ears! I know, I know. Hard to resist this soft, cuddly, sweet goody! If you want to grab this coat, I suggest buying it sooner rather than later. It will certainly sell out by the end of Fall. Happy shopping!

Skip Hop: An Activity Mat You Can Live With

mat1The trend in baby products has thankfully moved far beyond cartoon characters and babyish themes. The more grown-up baby gear looks, especially crib bedding, the better. There are a few items that have been overlooked during this process. One in particular is the activity mat. The majority of them seem to be really tacky with horrible bright colors and cheapo plush animals. My son had one with an orange and yellow, Ostrich-looking, plush bird that was downright creepy!

That’s why I really like this fun option from Skip Hop. It’s the Funky Farm Fun Activity Mat and although it’s quite colorful, it’s cute. The animal characters are quirky and sweet, while the mat itself has lots of great eye candy for baby. I love the plush, striped carrot with the bunny and the goofy pig that is actually just a circle with a snout.

Find it at BabyEarth for $60.

Critter Coin Purse Fun for $10

clip-on-kittyI’ll try my best to ease everyone back into the Back to School chaos. Let’s start with something small like these friendly Clip-On Crochet Coin Purses. These brightly colored finds are great for clipping on a backpack. Not sure how much you buy with change….when I was in elementary school you could buy a pack of three chocolate chip cookies for 5 cents.

Anyway, the purses come in a kitty, butterfly, flower and heart. Makes a cute birthday gift or gift add-on. Retails for $10 at Hanna Andersson.clip-on-bfly

Send Your Toddler Off With A Roar


All mommies know that even at a very early age – like two – your child can destroy a backpack. I have no idea what happens to these little bags, but they take some serious abuse.  From rips and tears to splatters and drips, they never seem to look as great as they did on that historic ‘first day’ of school.

Why not go for cute and durable? This is Rory The Lion Little Kid Backpack. It is made from nylon and laminated canvas so it’s easy to clean. For extra comfort on little bodies, it has a padded  back panel and padded straps. It also has a patch on the back for your little cub’s name. It’s on sale now at Posh Tots for $36!

Sushi Rattle Set: Great Gift for the Green Gourmet


The line of eco-friendly knit toys from Yellow Label Kids is hard to beat. Take a look at this delicious Sushi Rattle Set. Cuddly, creative and made through fair trade practices. The perfect gift for your favorite eco-conscious mommy and her sweet ‘green’ baby.

This yummy set retails for $34 at Arte Bebe. The only thing missing is a knit chunk of wasabi and a knit ice cold Sapporo…

Fisheye Camera Provides Instant Bloopers


Talk about something you would’ve loved as a kid! Get a load of this hilarious Fisheye Camera. Your kiddos can take goofy photos with ease, thanks to the special lens that actually makes distorted cool. When I was a kid, my sister and I would’ve spent hours laughing and giggling with this camera.

We had our own photo album of bloopers that we made with construction paper and tape. No Snapfih albums back then. We would pick the absolute worst photos from the pile and give them clever little titles. The infamous ‘Book of Mess Ups’ was a cherished household item. I remember one photo that was an extreme close-up of my sister, so she looked as white as a sheet. The title was about pilgrims and the Mayflower. Who knows, but as a kid it was HILARIOUS. Believe it or not, the book was lost and we have no idea where it is. I sure would love to see it again. I bet it’s still funny.

Anyway, the Fisheye Camera uses standard 35mm film, so you can develop the goofiness easily. Retails for $54 at Chasing Fireflies.

Satisfy a Sweet Tooth with Pretend Pop Tarts


Sweet, smoking-hot, burn-your-tongue, set-your-toaster-on-fire, gooey, sugary goodness. All bow down to the Pop Tart. The most delicious way to instantly add too many sizzling calories to your day!

Your little chef will love these frosted felt goodies. They are eco-friendly because the felt is made from recycled water bottles. The trio of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla comes in an adorable cello-bag, so they are perfect to give as a gift. Just keep in mind that the cute little sprinkles can be crunched off by a hungry toddler! Check out Etsy seller, LittleFluffStuff for even more handmade treats!