Drooling Over Edgemont Skinny Jeans: Why Paige Floats My Boat

If you’re into zippers and super-skinny jeans, get a load of these beauties. This is my favorite pair right now. All bow down to the Paige Premium Edgemont Skinny Super Rebellious jeans. Yummy. Sure, they’ll cost you a cool $259, but what’s not to love? I adore Paige jeans too. I bought my first pair waaay back in the day and still wear them. The fit is fabulous and although they stretch a tad, it’s not to the point that they don’t fit anymore. There’s just something wonderful about the craftsmanship and the fit. I’m putting these on my Wish List this holiday season, but I don’t think I’ve been good enough. Darn my sarcastic ways.

Good Gawd: Gwyneth’s Mid-Drift Bares All at Emmy Awards

Gwyneth Paltrow arrived at the Emmy Awards wearing a 2-piece Pucci. Oh, wait…er, uhm, sorry…that’s actually a one-piece dress. Oh, I get it now. It’s a tummy-baring dress, the epitome of classy. Right. Because when you’re decked out in a gorgeous red carpet gown, you often say to yourself, “This would be magnificent if we were back in 1993 and my mid-drift was exposed.” This dress was as much of a fail as Charlie Sheen’s boring and insanely unfunny apology. He didn’t even toss us a “winning” or mention “tiger blood” or slip into a coma. Come on.

Hadley Freeman said it best, “Paltrow is wearing officially the most ridiculous thing she has ever worn to a fashion ceremony, and that is saying something. It is not only see through but it is a crop top and a high waisted skirt, ie the two most unflattering garments of all time.” Amen, sister.

What do you think? I think it’s hideous. Here’s a link to E! so you can see all of the gowns of the evening.

Image:  Steve Granitz/WireImage

Adorn Home & Body

Adorn l Home & Body in Lakeway: Boutique Brimming with Great Finds

clothing gifts decor in Lakeway

It’s time to gush! Last year, I received a gift card to Adorn Home & Body for my birthday and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since. The store itself is beautiful. The fab owners, Brent & Kim Charlet, have a talent for not only picking out adorable merchandise, but also creating a wonderful shopping experience. The store boasts the perfect mixture of clothes, accessories and unique home decor items.

I’ve bought a bunch of dresses from Adorn, because they are stylish and functional. If I throw on heels and statement jewelry, I can dress the outfit up for a night out, or I can wear wedge sandals and hoop earrings for a daytime look. When items go on sale, it’s impossible not to take advantage of the extra savings. Adorn sells a beautiful selection of jewelry; many lines made by local artists like Kendra Scott. While some of the jewelry is more expensive, like Seasonal Whispers bracelets, many pieces LOOK expensive, but they’re reasonably priced which makes them perfect for gifts.

As far as gifts and home decor items, Adorn has so many great items to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. From smaller trinkets for the home to architectural salvage pieces, these unique treasure are everywhere. You should se the amazing wood dining table and upholstered chairs on sale right now for 40% off.

They’re putting new clothes and merchandise out every day, so stop by soon! Kim & Brent just got back from market, so the new fall items are on their way. The store is in Lakeway near the PJ Shop.

Red Soled Pumps

In Fashion News: You Can’t Trademark Red (Ask Louboutin)

I’m an eye-candy enthusiast,a sucker for shoes and I could possibly run a marathon in 5-inch heels. That being said, I melt over Christian Louboutin shoes. So expensive, yet so delicious. In light of how ridiculously popular Louboutins have become over the years, I find the whole legal debate over the famous red soles highly entertaining.

To make a long story short, Christian Louboutin got his fancy french panties in a knot when he discovered YSL unveiled shoes with a red sole. (They’ve also done blue: see pic above). The whole thing went to court and appeals are still flying. It seems Louboutin’s trademark red soles are no longer. Why such insanity, you ask? Well, you can’t own a primary color. Gee, really? Does this shock anyone? What’s funny is how incredibly long he got to ride the ruby wave until someone was like, “Wait a minute! He can’t trademark the color red! Why aren’t we making shoes with red soles? Let’s make some. Francoise, fetch me my diamond-studded sketching pencil.”

I think Christian needs to launch an entirely new collection with a really bizarre color for the soles like puce or amber or neon green. Then he can re-establish his notoriety and nobody else will want those colors. Right now all of the REAL Louboutins are almost obsolete because EVERYONE and their orthopedic-shoe-wearing GRANDMAS will be with red soles. All of the women who have spent a gazillion dollars on Louboutins will instantly be among kabillions of knock-offs.  Shhh, if you listen closely you can hear the sound of  a status symbol crashing. How quickly before the shelves at Goodwill will be overflowing with tear-stained Louboutin pumps? That remains to be seen.

Judge Marrero upheld YSL’s rights to manufacture and sell red-soled shoes and repeatedly asserted that red is a decorative element rather than a trademark-worthy feature: “There is something different about fashion. In fashion, color is an ingredient,” the judge said, musing that designers use color just as a chef uses “salt and pepper,” or a writer uses the word “the.” How much do you love this judge? I love him a lot.

MommyQ in Kendra Scott Jewelry

Kendra Scott Jewelry: Timeless Statement Pieces with Tremendous Style

If you know me, you know I love big jewelry. I’ll wear the rings the size of your skull without blinking an eye. I’ll wear earrings that hang down to my waist. I’ve been known to wear hoop earrings that can also be worn as bracelets. That being said, I’m not always a believer in “bigger is better” when it comes to jewelry. To me, statement jewelry should serve one main purpose – enhance your outfit. I tend to wear tailored yet simple outfits, so my jewelry plays a huge role in pulling my outfit together and often serves as the pop of color needed to make my outfit complete.

When it comes to hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces, my Kendra Scott earrings, rings and bracelets are my all-time favorite accessories. Not only are they brilliant and beautiful, but also wearable and dependable. What is dependable jewelry, you ask? It’s the kind of jewelry you can wear for any occasion and it always looks great.  Dependable means it’s the perfect finishing touch. Above is the Poppy Cocktail Ring in Salmon paired with the Grayce Statement Necklace in Crush, a press favorite.

I wore it to two recent events, the 1st Annual Military Gala by Liz Fields in San Antonio, and The Bachelorette Watch Party Benefiting Autism Speaks in Austin. The events were amazing and I got so many compliments about my Kendra Scott jewelry, it was crazy. The dome rings are always starting conversations! Above is the Poppy Cocktail Ring in Turquoise paired with Wren Earrings in Turquoise. LOVE.

Top Image: Kris Luck Images

Liz Fields Bridal Runway

The 1st Annual Military Gala by Liz Fields: Bridal Gowns Revealed & Dreams Come True for Lucky Couples in Military Families

Hold onto your wedding veils, San Antonio! In a few weeks, one of the most exciting launch events in the bridal industry will spring to life on-stage and on-camera. The best part is yours truly gets to witness this stylish and heartwarming soiree unfold behind-the-scenes.

Evening and bridal gown designer Liz Fields, who is based in New York, is hosting her 1st Annual Military Gala, a launch extravaganza that will kick off an effort across the country to give away gowns to women within the military family. The gala will be the perfect setting for Liz to showcase her new collection of bridal gowns, destination wedding dresses, special occasions niche designs and evening gowns. But, part of her dream to make military ladies’ dreams come true too.

At the heart of the gala will be military couples which run the spectrum of boyfriend-girlfriend, engaged, and married couples. They will celebrated and treated to a memorable evening of food, drinks, dancing, entertainment, prizes, giveaways and unbelievable surprises. Liz Fields is happy to partner with amazing sponsors like Lacy Pool, the stylist and buyer for Serendipity Bridal, who has teamed up with Kendra Scott and Toni Federici to create the looks. Additional sponsors include the Army Wife Network and Silver Eagle Distributors/Anheuser Busch.

I can’t let the cat out of the bag, but I’ve heard an American Idol Finalist will be performing and my beautiful friend Holly Mills-Gardner, a former Miss Texas, will be emceeing the fashion show and festivities as they unfold. Plus, the entire show will be televised on CMT in the Fall. How fun is that?!

Stay tuned for more details from yours truly, MommyQ…

Celeb Wardrobe Malfunctions: 5 Ways to End Fiascos

As a woman who appreciates taking risks with fashion, I’d like to make a quick comment about the continual celebrity wardrobe malfunctions involving a voluntary involuntary flash of nipple AKA nip slip AKA shirt and/or dress fail. First of all, I’m not talking about the ones that happen in a bathing suit. I don’t think they count. Wearing a bikini is tricky business, especially if you take a dip in the ocean with fully functioning waves. Or if you have young children.

My son accidentally pulled my bikini top down at the pool once and it took me a few seconds to realize what happened. Had I been a celebrity, that would’ve been TMZ homepage material for sure.  I probably had a scowl on my face and my hair was in a bad ponytail. Had it been captured on film, it would’ve been an “Antarctica sounds like a fun place to live” kind of moment. I’m talking about this….Oh, and why in the world is she squeezing into the dress like it’s a sausage casing. Huh?

I’m talking about non-drunk moments when celebrities other than Pam Anderson, Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton pick out an outfit that costs more than your car, wear it and still suffer from nip slips. This makes zero sense to me.  I think they’re all planned. Shame on you, Milla Jovovich, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Keira Knightley, Martha Stewart, Oprah, Brett Favre, Anthony Weiner…whew, I’m getting tired.

Seriously, how can you not know your nipple will be or is currently exposed? What celebs and their stylists fail to recognize is there are, in fact, multiple solutions to planned staged dreaded wardrobe malfunctions.

5 Surefire Ways to End Nip Slips:

#1 – Use toupee tape or electrical tape or duct tape. It’s sticky. Really? I don’t think I need to explain tape.

#2 – Stop wearing ill-fitting outfits. If your try on a dress and your boobs are instantly hanging out, the dress does not fit. Don’t buy it. End of story.

#3 – Wear a bra. If you’re going on national television, about to strut your stuff in front of millions of viewers, drop the “I like being natural bit,” get your skinny butt into Victoria Secret and buy a bra. Then, after you purchase it, take it out of the pretty bag and put it on under your outfit. This goes for strapless dresses too, Jessica Simpson.

#4 – Use a safety pin. Wow, this is so genius. I bought a box of safety pins five years ago and it’s still 90% full. One tiny safety pin can do the trick. You can pick a silver one or a gold one if you’re feeling fancy.

#5 – Don’t tweet about it. What’s even worse than seeing Khloe Kardashian’s nipple on a morning show is how much she tweeted about it. See one of her nip slip tweets below. No, they aren’t that special. Trust me.

My apologies to those of you who are reading my blog based on my previous blog post. I know you were expecting something heartfelt and you got this instead. Welcome to my brain. You never know what’s going to spill out.

Images: The Frisky and TMZ