Fall Fashion with a “C”: Clogs, Crossbody & Chains

It’s a happy day when one of the bestselling women’s shoe styles is a clog. Yes, a C-L-O-G. Who doesn’t love the “clip clop” sound and ease of putting them on? Just another reason to love the Swedes. I had a pair of tan leather clogs with tassels in the 80s and begged my mom for a pair of navy suede ones. Remember those? The bad part about wearing clogs was falling off them or taking a bad step and hurting your foot on the unforgiving wooden heel. Ouch!

Clogs are back and cloppier than ever. Designer brands like Michael Kors, Stuart Weitzman, Tory Burch, Coach and Vera Wang are adding their spin on the updated version of this classic. And you will pay a pretty price for them…

Tory Burch – ‘Brayden’ Slingback Clog – $295 at Berdorf Goodman

Crossbody Bags
In addition to clogs, the crossbody purse is enjoying a bump in popularity. This bag usually features a long, adjustable strap so you can tote it across your body. This is a great idea to relieve your “bag” shoulder from constant wear & tear.  It’s also a super option for moms because you can have more freedom of movement. How many times has your shoulder bag flung around and almost popped your toddler in the head when you squat down?

Badgley Mischka – ‘ Mini’ Studded Flap Crossbody Bag – $119 at Nordstrom

Chunky chain jewelry is still a great accessory for fall. If you don’t like wearing a thick, layered chain necklace, you can opt for rings and bracelets with chain details like the bracelet pictured below.  How beautiful & fun is that?

Cara Accessories – Crystal Snap Leather Bracelet – $45 at Nordstrom

The Denim Jeans Dilemma

I’ve always been a fan of designer jeans. In fact, when I was in middle school I saved money to buy a pair of Guess jeans.  They were light blue with zippers at the ankles and I think they cost around $80. I loved them! As an adult, I still love designer jeans.  I don’t shop according to brands, but I tend to like the pricey ones. I wear jeans a lot – like a uniform – so it doesn’t bother to me to spend a bit on them. I’m also not willing to sacrifice style for price. If they don’t look good, I won’t wear them anyway. Now that would be a waste of money.

I almost fell off my chair when I read this article on Yahoo! Shine that says Women Spend an Average of $34 on Jeans.  How is that even possible? I’m lucky if I find a pair that fit well and look good for under $100. Most of my jeans probably cost $125 – $200, but I wear them until they fall apart. Aside from the price, the article says most women own seven pairs of jeans and only wear four of those pairs regularly.

I just blogged about five pairs of seriously bootylicious jeans over on Family Style (Babble.com). These jeans are flattering from every angle. I picked a range of prices, brands and styles. Take a look and let me know which ones you like! After all, ample butts are “in” for Summer 2010.

The Sarah Palin Breast Implant Debate gets Perky

Is this is what happens when you buy a really good bra? Nobody knows for sure whether Sarah Palin got breast implants or not, but this photo has launched a slew of rumors. My first reaction is who cares! She is a self-proclaimed hockey mom with FIVE kids. She looks awesome, implants or not. And if she got small mounds of help in the form of saline or silicone, good for her. Chances are, this is just the bra talkin’…

For the women in the world who have never invested in a good bra, the haunting words of Bill Engvall come to mind, “Here’s your sign!” The truth about nice undergarments, be it a bra or shapewear, is they do amazing things. And by amazing, I mean A-MAZ-ING! There are millions of women trotting through life in ill-fitting bras and cheap underwear.  See what you’re missing? You could be hiding a total hottie under all of that sad fabric.

Need an example? This is the Wacoal Underwire Sports Bar. Notice how perky and round. (You can grab this comfortable slice of youth for $62 at Neiman Marcus.)  Throw this beauty under a simple white tee and you’ll go from flat to fabulous. Maybe the big secret looming behind Sarah Palin’s knock-out figure is just a solid fitting by a sweet lady with a measuring tape. No knives required.

Loving these Nude Pumps: A Lux Look for Less

First of all, you’re welcome. I know, I know. You’ve been searching all over the planet for the perfect nude pumps, but you aren’t Victoria Beckham and we aren’t living in 2008 anymore – money is tight. Maybe you just can’t rationalize spending $600-$1500 for a pair of killer Louboutins like you once did.  Maybe you just like designer stuff, but you’re a bargain-hunter at heart. Read on my savvy, stylish friend!

This is the pair of shoes that will save your soul. Or at least put a big smile on your face for a day or so. These are the ‘Caryssa’ Pumps from Steve Madden and they come in black and BLUSH PATENT. Oh yes! You know, blush is the new black this year.

Anyway, it retails for only $89 at Nordstrom in lots of sizes. I can speak from experience, it’s a comfortable shoe. You will frown at it in the store because it looks ridiculously painful, but it isn’t. In fact, I’ve worn them for hours at a time and never had to take them off, defeated by 5″ stiletto pain.

What’s great about these shoes is they work with everything – dresses, jeans, skirts, pants – for any occasion. And they go with every color. They go a long way towards giving you a lean look and stretching your profile (and your legs) sky-high. Get ready to get lots of compliments too. My best friend threatened my life over these shoes. Awe, she loves me that much. And if you’re really sad about missing out on the Louboutins (the real deal will cost ya $735 – pictured below), go get a small jar of red Apple Barrel and paint yourself silly.

Project Runway Season 7 Winner: Blogging The Final Auf

First of all, when I tuned in to the finale of Project Runway on our big HDTV, the Lifetime channel (26 in Austin) is NOT WORKING. Black, blank screen. What the freak? I run upstairs and start watching it on the tiny television in my kid’s playroom. Super crapola. Here’s a play-by-play of the show. It’s semi-liveblogging. 😉

-I tuned in as they were working out some makeup details with Collier Strong and let me say the “dark eye” is just fabulous. I wish I had the courage to wear that look. I applaud Mila for choosing that look because it’s stunning up close and from a distance.

– Emilio is freaking out because he’s missing models or a model.  Whatever. He’s such a priss.

– Watching a commercial for Sex and the City 2 and wondering why they would ever write a camel into the plot. Seems odd. I’m sure I’ll have to watch the movie to find out. I’m a marketers dream!

– The models are lined up and Seth Aaron says he’s “amped” and for good reason.

– Heidi welcomes the crowd, looking gorgeous as always, but the dress looks like something in the Kardashian collection at Bebe. I’m sure everyone else will love it. It not my fave.

– Seth Aaron goes first and was inspired by the German military. (Trying to get on Heidi’s good side, perhaps?) Sounds familiar. His collection is really stunning! All black and white with red accents and yellow plaid. It’s like Hollywood rocker meets Burberry prep. His final piece is a wild purple thing I’ve never seen before. Let’s call it a dress. Wow, his clothes are absolutely impeccable.

– Oh boy, now Mila is crying about how hard she worked for this. Blah, blah, blah. Every person on the show has worked hard, even the folks who got auf’d. Sorry, I’m not really a Mila fan. I was hoping Jay would have made it to Fashion Week instead. His clothes seemed more inspired to me, except that awful MJ jacket.

– Mila was inspired by shadows for her collection. It’s black and white, just like Seth Aaron. OMG. It’s so similar to SA’s collection. Wow. It’s much more hip and innovative than many of the clothes she designed during the show. I’d say Michael Kors will like it because it seems commercial. Nothing really jumped out at me though.

– Emilio steps up to the plate now. His collection is called “Color Me Bad” and that is hilarious. The red dress is incredible for sure. I like the red pieces a lot – love those gloves – but not crazy about the blue and the brown pieces. I don’t get the color palette he chose, but what do I know. As Nina would say, it doesn’t seem cohesive. The final frock is way to gold. I’m not feeling these clothes as much.

– The judges are blown away by the show. Really?  Shocker. 😉

– Faith Hill is just adorable. What a fun guest judge! The judges love Seth Aaron’s stuff, but they also didn’t get the purple dress. Heidi is wondering why Emilio named it “Color Me Bad.” Oh, Faith loves Emilio’s coats. Heidi likes his prints – with his name.

– Michel Kors liked Emilio’s gold gown. Interesting. It is totally commercial. Nina thinks it was heavy on the suits. I agree with her. Emilio said he wanted to showcase his sportswear. Mila again with shadows. “Layers, textures, dimensions,” she says. Michael, Heidi and Nina are glad she made the style more hip and now. Heidi liked the white t-shirt with the black stripes – so 80s!

– Michael’s issues are no surprises with Mila, too much over-working with Seth Aaron and no drama (showmanship) from Emilio.

– And the winner of Project Runway, Season 7, is… NOT Mila. She just got auf’d.

– And the winner of Project Runway, Season 7 is Seth Aaron. Congrats!!!

Image: MyLifetime.com

Will You Be Boot Scootin’ Through Spring?

From the hip streets of Hollywood, to casual small towns, to booming metropolises, Ariat Boots are THE fashion trend this season. Stylish women are pairing these functional boots with summer sundresses, short flouncy skirts and long bohemian dresses. The best part about Ariat Boots are the more you wear them, the better they feel.

Ariat, the leading brand of performance footwear for equestrian athletes, have been spotted on A-list celebrities playing in the park with their kids, attending movie premiers and grabbing a bite to eat at the trendiest restaurants in town. These boots come in a variety of colors, styles and sizes, so you can pick the pair that best reflects your personality and enhances your spring wardrobe.

I personally love the Ariat Women’s Heritage Western Boot in Brown Oiled Rowdy. I think the color of the boot will match practically any outfit and the fashion stitching gives it a nice feminine touch. This boot is also features a full grain leather foot, a medium round “R’ toe, removable gel cushioned ATS footbed and Duratread Outsole. How could your possibly go wrong with this choice? Find them at BootCity for $149.

What else is hot for Spring? Check out my post about Mesh & Lace.

Spring Shoes & Accessories: It’s Mesh & Lace

If you’re wondering what the shoes trends will be this year, I’d say mesh & lace is making a comeback. The challenging thing about wearing lace and/or mesh is how quickly it can go from sexy & sophisticated to a raunchy what-not-to-wear moment. Knowing the difference between vavoom and “no she didn’t!” can be tricky.

Play it safe by wearing an understated outfit and let your accessories do the talking for you. So grab your crimping iron, your fingerless gloves and your leatherette leggings — it’s time to go shopping!

Ditch the fishnet stockings and opt to fishnet platform heels instead. This is the Coussinet Platform Slingback from Christian Louboutin. Go ahead, weave yourself some serious style. Find them at Saks for $1,400.

If you’re looking for a more playful shoe, try on the Candy Stud Pumps, also from Louboutin. You get a little lace and the added bonus of bling in stud-form. These babies are hotter than you might imagine as they are sold out. The last pair in a size 41 for about $965.

Lace is available in hand bag form too! Check out this blue beauty by Rebecca Minkoff. It’s the Lace Mab Satchel and isn’t it fun? It has a detachable shoulder strap and gunmetal hardware. Yummy! Find it at Saks for $325.

A Rhinestone & Lace Bracelet that would make Madonna proud. Thanks to Vera Wang, we can all be modern material girls. This gorgeous little number has sparkly gems and it’s easy to fit on even the skinniest wrist because you just tie it to fit. Retails for $250 at Saks.