Wardrobe Woes: Do You Like to Shop in Your Closet?

Wardrobe Planning

What’s your best color? What makes look great, even when you’re feeling tired? What makes you look tired, even when you’re feeling great? What?!? You don’t know? Neither did I…

After gaining and losing a zillion pounds thanks to two pregnancies, my adventurous fashion sense checked out and I was left with a closet full of black clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing black and there’s nothing wrong with it. But I personally started to feel like I was intimidated by colors. It’s like my brain started to malfunction after I became a mom and determining what looked good on me was impossible. “Should I buy this blue shirt? Is it the right blue? Is it too blue? Oh, forget it. I’ll buy black instead.”

Thanks to my great friend, Lisa Kennedy of Kennedy Style, me and colors are friends again. Watch this video to see what I’m talking about:

12 Gifts Under $20: Unique Ideas for Every Gal

Goldfish Bath Plug

It’s crunch time and you probably haven’t done all of your holiday shopping yet. Well, here’s a list of 12 unique and functional gifts for all kinds of gals. From the funky fashionista to the fabulous foodie to the reality TV drama queen, these gifts are sure to please. Let’s take a look:


Stuck Goldfish Bath PlugIt’s funny, it’s different and it actually works. Give the quirky gal on your gift list something that will make her laugh. (It’s pictured above & below.)

Goldfish Bath Plug in Box

Pink Elephant Dish Scrubber Nothing makes doing dishes fun, but this nifty elephant scrubber might make it a bit more enjoyable.  Honestly, you just can’t go wrong with a hot pink elephant. Period.

Pink Elephant Dish Scrubber


Fishnet Wine ToteShe can drink on-the-go and be stylish. Perfection! Just one of the great gifts for her at Cambria Cover. Love that place!

Gifts for Her Wine Tote

Luxe Link Purse Holder – Help her keep that gorgeous Prada off the floor and germ-free with an adorable purse holder. These are the coolest gadgets ever and don’t let the petite size fool you, they can even hold heavy purses.

Luxe Link Purse Holder


Sephora Bling Compact What’s great about A TRUE fashionista is she loves sneaking a peek at her fine self.  She’ll love you forever if you give her the gift that says, “I love you even though you’re totally vain.” Ha!

Sephora Rhinestone Compact=

Heated Lash Curler Another goodie from Sephora! The perfect gift for the gal who has everything. A heated lash curler actually works with the wax in mascara to give you perfectly curled lashes with zero fuss.

Sephora Heated Lash Curler


Leopard Manicure Set Does she appreciate animal print and a polished manicure. Give her this portable manicure set with serious style. Talk about cute. You should see the little clippers in person. So sassy!

Manicure Set Gift Her

Laptop Skin – She’s stylish and loves her laptop? Well, give her a laptop skin with serious shoe appeal. Yes, floral heels make working on your laptop so much more tolerable.

White Peonies Laptop Skin


Kimmidoll Fabric Covered Notebook – This is a great fabric-covered notebook for the dreamer who likes to jot down her thoughts. Or maybe the planner who likes to make lots and lots of To-Do Lists. Either way, this is a super gift idea for the woman who always has a pen nearby.

Kimmidoll Fabric Covered Notebook

Bessence CandlesI’ve mentioned Bessence Candles a bunch because they’re just perfect gifts. This line of eco-candles is the brainchild of Sandra Bullock. Each scent is made to enhance the dining experience. Black Cassis is my favorite!

Sandra Bullock Candles


Real Housewives Get PersonalIf she’s parked in front of Bravo 24/7 like me, give your dramatic book worm the gift of Real Housewives gossip. This book doesn’t cover all of the shows, but it certainly is a fun read and perfect for the reality TV fan. Bravo Real Housewives Book

Kardashian Konfidential Oh, no she didn’t! Yes, she did. Maybe it’s a guilty pleasure, but if she watches Keeping up with the Kardashians, you must get her this new read. Get the latest trash talk from the three sisters who know how to bring on the drama and dish it out.

Kim Kardashian Book


Cupcake Wrappers If one of her favorite words is ‘cupcake,’ you can make her smile with these cute Girl’s Night cupcake wrappers. They’re pink and they’re fabulous! Baking just got funner, right?

Cupcake Wrappers

Etsy Apples ‘N Pears Half ApronHow much do you love Etsy? Get a load of this adorable handmade half apron that sells for $19.99. It even comes with a hand towel attached. Talk about perfect.

Etsy Half Apron

A Gift with Heart: Grace Bracelet Benefits Autism Speaks

Women Gift Holidays

If you’re looking for a gift with heart this holiday season, look no further. How about a custom bracelet from designer Dorian Webb, featuring faceted blue quartz in various sizes and shapes? Did I mention the proceeds from this gorgeous piece of jewelry benefits the North Texas Chapter of Autism Speaks? It’s an amazing gift for any woman in your life and the best part about it is it gives back to a fantastic organization.

As you may know from reading MommyQ, I have an autistic son. That being said, I’m even more impressed with Dallas mom, Lara Travis, who is spearheading this fashionable vision. Like me, Lara found out her child was autistic when she was about 18 months old. After the shock and sadness from the diagnosis wears off, it’s time to take action and that means spending lots of money on speech therapy, occupational therapy and often, private schools. Lara turned to Autism Speaks for support and direction and as proof of how meaningful the organization is in her life, she decided to give back in a unique way.

Lara combined her love of fashion and love for her daughter, Grace, into a beautiful reality. She recently commissioned award-winning designer Dorian Webb to create The Grace Bracelet for Autism. Lara wanted the bracelet to be representative of autism, as you can see with the deep blue apatite and a single piece of opaque blue quartz, but also totally wearable. Webb’s vision is also apparent in her signature granulated “pyramid cluster” and smaller “caviar caps” that accent the sea of blues with the sparkle of sterling silver, and complement the handmade toggle clasp.

Holiday Gift for Her Autism Speaks

“It’s beautiful because it’s the way I see Grace,” says Lara of the bracelet. “It’s fun, whimsical has a lot of beauty. It makes me really proud of Grace. She’s come such a long way and it feels great to give back to an organization I love.”

I personally encourage everyone to share this story and purchase a bracelet for your friends and family members this holiday season. If you know someone affected by autism, please pass this story along. I think they will see the beauty of the bracelet, as well as the beauty of the cause.

Hey Stud: Sporty Boots with Rocker Attitude

UES snakeskin boots

Once in a while I wish I were a more adventurous dresser. You know, like a rock star. I look in the mirror and think, “Would Avril Lavigne or Pink or Courtney Love wear this?” The answer is always the same. Lots of laughter followed by, “Nope, not a gazillion years.” I don’t even have the guts to get a tattoo. I’m so tough. Ha!

Have you ever wondered if you can find shoes with lots of attitude, but they are actually functional? Well, there are quite a few brands that give you a rocker-esque look with crazy studs and chains, but the shoes actually look comfy. Weird? UES doesn’t think so.

Avril Lavigne was photographed wearing the UES Forsyth Wedge in Snakeskin ($335), while shopping at The Grove with her boyfriend Brody Jenner, on November 7th, 2010.The founder of UES, Seth Campbell, sought to bring a unique concept to the casual footwear market. With his introductory line of “shoewelry”, a collection that fused hardware jewelry embellishments with comfortable sneakers, this young designer proved himself as a pioneer in the industry.

Avril wearing UES boots

Is that an “ah-ha” moment or what? So that’s how you strut around town if you have pink hair. Of course. Take a look at a few other wild options.

How about a studded clog/boot from Sam Edelman for $249 or, my favorite, the studded sensation in the boot world by Guiseppe Zanotti for a cool $1,580.

Sam Edelman shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti designer shoes

Will Jeggings Cause the Extinction of Real Denim?

Celebrity Jeggings Trend

I must weigh in on the jeggings phenomena, because it’s starting to bug me. The other day I was in a boutique when an annoying saleswomen with far too much Botox asked me if I had “experienced” jeggings. “They are ah-maze-ing,” she smiled. Really? Have I experienced them? It’s not like lobster chip ice cream or a trip to see the pyramids in Egypt. Experienced? Hmm.  Aren’t they just fancy leggings pretending to be jeans?

Kymaro Shaper Jeans

Sure, I like leggings and I like some styles of jeggings, but things are happening with the trend that are starting to bother me.  I’m seeing lots of jeans with elastic waistbands that look like maternity jeans, but they aren’t. Are jeans really so incredibly uncomfortable that we have to eliminate the snaps and zippers entirely? Will real denim jeans becomes a thing of the past, replaced by jeggings, stretchy faux denim and those crazy Kymaro jeans on TV that look like an SNL skit?

It makes me wonder if jeggings are for the fashion-forward who like a touch of comfort now and then, or do we all really dislike the feel of real denim on our bodies? Denim can be cumbersome and scratchy and yes, the whole waistband versus ‘muffin top’ issue is annoying. I have certain jeans I can only wear with certain shirts because the waist is either too high or too low or too loose or too tight. Is elastic the magic solution? I’m undecided right now, but if I start seeing men’s jeans with elastic waistbands, I’m going to be extremely worried.

Now I wonder if the saleswomen was excited about the actual jeggings or the idea that her muffin top will be forever vanished. Maybe it is an experience after all? What do you think?

Falling in Love with Purse Hanger Hooks

I spotted these lovelies on the Cambria Cove website a few weeks ago. Yes, I was entering the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week getaway contest. I drive a Mercedes. I love clothes. I should win. 🙂

Anyway, take a look at these beautiful Purse Holders from Luxe Link. No more crumbs or icky floor germs. No more balancing acts. You simply unwind the chain link and gravity does the rest. They come in different sizes and a bunch of pretty designs. I love the suede storage pouch too. What an amazing hostess gift!

See more pics and check out my other faves from the site including the Lady Gaga Earbuds and the iPouches. Hop over to my blog post on Babble’s Family Style blog, Gadgets with a Feminine Twist.

Hello Fashionista Status: Austin Fashion Week Coverage

MommyQ is a bona fide fashionista. Well, at least for a while. I’m excited to report I will be a contributing fashion blogger for News 8 Austin this year during Austin Fashion Week, August 14- 21, 2010.  This is my first year involved in Austin Fashion Week and although it hasn’t officially begun yet, I’m already thoroughly excited.

My first blog post is about the fabulously talented Lisa Kennedy, an Austin-based fashion stylist and hairstylist. She has been helping me rediscover my own style, which has been slightly derailed by two pregnancies. Seriously, during my style consultation she pointed out the obvious. I own a ridiculous amount of black shirts. Lisa and I were standing in my closet together and I was like, “Oops. How did that happen?”  Find out exactly what a stylist can do for you and why you don’t have to be a celebrity to have one by clicking here.

What keeps Austin so stylish? It is the eco-fashion? The thirst for individuality? The cowboy boots?  Nope, it’s the people. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of the women (and men) responsible for keeping Austinites informed and stylish. Get a fresh perspective from:

Fashionably Austin keeps you fashionably connected to local fashion, as well as fashion catwalks around the globe.  My new friend and part of the dynamic duo behind this online fashion community, Cheryly Bemis, will be reporting from these events. It’s always fun to follow Cheryl!

Austin Slave to Fashion is shopping and styling in the ATX. She loves all things fashion and thinks everyone deserves to feel good and look good in what they wear.

Keep Austin Stylish keeps you up-to-date with the latest fashion news and trends in the most casually chic city in Texas.

– Let your imagination run wild with Colours Marie. Go ahead, colour outside the lines.

Austin Eavesdropper covers music, fashion, food and all things fabulous. You’re all invited to “dork out” with her and celebrate the coolness of Austin.

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