Autism Mama

Every mom embarks on a unique adventure when she has a baby. Of course, after those long months of being pregnant——carrying around 60+ extra pounds with enormous boobs and having to pee every 3 minutes——I believed I was totally ready for motherhood. Uhm, yeah. I was an idiot.

My initially journey into motherhood was more like a decent into madness. Let’s just say my idea of induced labor was inaccurate. Looking back, that was a blessing of sorts. When I was in the throws of labor and knew I had to have an emergency c-section, that’s when I officially understood what it meant to be a mom. I liked none of my options. They were all very painful, totally inconvenient and there was no going back.

And that’s how I’ll lead into autism. Looping back to my first point, which is every mom embarks on an adventure. My journey happened to include a child with autism. Heartbreaking? Yes, in the beginning. Stressful? Yes. Hopeless? Not at all. But it’s isolating in a way you can’t truly understand unless you’re living it too——24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

But together, we will get through this.