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Cathy Hale, Disney World selfie, MommyQ

We recently visited Disney World in Orlando after Thanksgiving for a pre-holiday vacay. Lots of fun to be had, but sadly I forgot to pack my selfie stick. Booo! I did actually see a few other folks with their selfie sticks, so I knew it would’ve been fun. Oh well. Mom brain.

Anyhoo, we managed to snap a few shots between the lines, FastPass stress, expensive food, small thunderstorms, character meetings, way too many strollers, lack of alcohol and…oh, wait….I digress. Yes, I took a few selfies on the rides themselves. I learned some stuff too. #1 – I’m awful at taking selfies. #2 – The spinning tea cups still make me feel like I’m gonna puke.

It was a great trip and seeing Cinderella Castle “Frozen” with the amazing parade and fireworks was worth it! Still magical after all of these years…

Disney World Tomorrowland, Cathy Hale, MommyQ, Cathy Hale AustinWe’re all buckled in for a drive in Tomorrowland Speedway. Let’s just say I’m really glad none of my kids are driving anytime soon.. Space Mountain, Disney World, MommyQ, Cathy HaleThe best ride, especially on a rainy day, was the PeopleMover! We must have been on that ride 8-9 times, because the kids loved drive through Space Mountain and seeing the inside of the famous coaster without riding it. This was right before we were hurled into the darkness…at like 2mph…ha-ha!

Small World ride, Disney World, MommyQIt’s a Small World after all….it’s a small, small world….

Dang the Mad Tea Party and those spinning tea cups! I almost puked twice and dropped my phone into oblivion four times. This was captured mid-spin. Obviously, we are having a horrible time. 😉

Cinderella Castle Frozen

This pic doesn’t do the “Frozen” Cinderella Castle justice, because in person the purple/blue icicles are really amazing. Disney World definitely knows how to do Christmas. Just wish they knew how to do eggnog too…

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