It’s a Chop Chop, Stump Smash, Eruptor World

Wow, yet another blog post about video games. Can you tell I’m the mom of boys or what? In my house, 2012 is the season of wacky dudes with equally wacky names. Trigger Happy, Terrafin, Stump Smash and Ghost Roast are just a few of our new family members. That’s right, MommyQ is living in a Skylanders wonderland.

Welcome to Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. It’s expensive, highly entertaining and all the rage. Cool molten lava dudes cough up fireballs, clumsy trees smash stuff and spit out balls of wood…hmmm…there’s a lot of spitting. What’s funny about this game is in the Adventure mode, which is supposed to be relatively peaceful, you can walk around smashing innocent sheep. My four-year-old find that to be beyond hilarious.

It’s cool because you can drop a new character on the Portal of Power and send it right into the video game. It springs to life with a weird giggle and a grunt. Of course, there are tons of them so it’s an endless money pit. Although it is very unique and lots of fun to play. The game pieces also serve as memory chips so my kids can take their Skylanders to a friends house and play. Kinda cool concept.

Have you met the Skylanders yet? Who’s your favorite character?

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