Rice Krispie Treat Worms: Crafty Critters for Kids

Every so often I need to get crafty. I subscribe to Craft Gossip, so when I need to crack a smile, I always get my fix.  Thanks to Craft Gossip, I found these rice krispie critters on the Disney Family Fun website. Wouldn’t they be a fun addition to a birthday party? They could double as decorative touches & party favors. Perfecto!

Worms are delicious — when they’re our bookworms made from crispy rice and marshmallows. Make a batch for Read Across America Day (March 2), and your child can sink her teeth into a treat while devouring a good book.

• crispy rice cereal treats
• butter
• fruit leather
• plastic wrap
• googly eyes
• pipe cleaner

1. Whip up a batch of crispy rice cereal treats, using your favorite recipe.

2. Using buttery hands, mold the rice mixture into worm shapes (ours are about 5 inches long).

3. Add three strips of fruit leather to each worm, securing the overlapping ends of each strip with a dot of water.

4. Wrap the worms in plastic wrap, then add two googly eyes.

5. Loop a pipe cleaner around the worm’s neck and twist it together at the top. Curl the ends into antennae.

If you haven’t heard about  NEA’s Read Across America program, it’s an amazing initiative to help motivate children and teens to read. NEA’s Read Across America Day, NEA’s national reading celebration takes place each year on or near March 2, the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  Wouldn’t these worms be a super way to celebrate?

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