Costumes for Cars: Bring It

Reindeer Costume Car

This post is dedicated to the weirdos who put costumes on their cars. Thank you for the chuckles. I would never put one on my car, but it really is funny to see them on the road. I was stuck in traffic yesterday, and an older distinguished guy next to me had antlers and a red nose on his 2010 Range Rover. It’s the equivalent of trying to look hip with car Elmo seats in the back seat.  Not really gonna happen…

If you want this festive costume, you can grab one here. You can also dress your car up like a bat. If your car gets a boo boo, slap on a huge Bandaid. Thanks to the bozo who rear-ended us on I-35, we actually need a few of those for my hubby’s SUV.  As Spring approaches, you can do the bunny thing for your car with floppy ears and a pink nose. And for the hunter in your life, how about a pair of deer antlers for your truck. Now that’s classy!

Rendeer antlers car

Bunny ears car

Truck Antlers

Do you dress up your car for the holidays? If so, why did you start doing it and what kind of response do you get from passersby?

2 thoughts on “Costumes for Cars: Bring It

  1. Simon says:

    I did this year, i put the reindeer costume on my car during all december. I bought it because i saw it while shopping for Christmas junk at Walgreen in San Francisco, it was love at first sight. I live in São Paulo in Brazil and I assume people here are not used to this kind of weird stuff as people cracked laughing every time they saw me passing on my Honda Civic 2010. Now that i took them off my car, my friends started asking me what to do for Carnaval that is big stuff down here. i am still thinking 🙂

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